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what is soul sunshine?
This site gives me a space to share the things that delight and inspire me;  ultimately reminding me how MIRACULOUS it is to be alive. I want to SHINE my gifts and passions: writing, storytelling, reading aloud, singing and reminding you how POWERFUL & AMAZING YOU ARE!

who is becky jaine?
I’m a writer, mother, wife, singer, women and girls’ circle facilitator, creativity and kindness activist. An illness led me come back into my own personal power and reignite my creativity. I am looking for ways to make a difference in the world–to send my love into the future.


yours truly with my wisest friend and mentor, pearl schechter (click image to read her amazing story)

I believe in kindness … kindness to others and kindness to our selves.

In 2011 I began co-creating the Sacred Kindness Circle, a small monthly women’s creativity circle generating acts of kindness and creativity for strangers and non-profit organizations. I offer creativity retreats and workshops for women and girls. I help women create Sacred Circles in their own communities around the world.

I am a heart writer. For many years I was a business journalist and marketing/pr exec. Now my aspirations are a little more… uh-hem– shall I say–juvenile?! I leapt from business writing to the colorful world of creative empowerment, kindness kindling, and children’s stories. I write vibrant stories that are a joy to read aloud: stories that are gentle and meaningful and spirited. Please contact me (above) and I’ll gladly share more. (I’m seeking an eco-friendly publisher.)

creativity playshops
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Here’s a talk about my passion for preserving girls’ creativity and self esteem…

heARTist for hire

I am constantly looking for new ways to do what I love while supporting my family. I am a classically trained singer AND voice-over artist. (I went to school for singing, journalism AND broadcasting. I re-imagining my life where I offer my passions, make a difference and receive for my work.)

(this is my prayer for all of us–amazing grace)

webshine_kindnessrox_becky_jaineI am figuring out how to make a living by being who I am– giving my talents and creations: art, writing, creativity workshops, , painted fairies, monkeys and angel necklaces, music, and giant bubblewands. If you have any ideas or suggestions, I’d be grateful.

Thank you for reading about my unconventional blessed life. Every little soul must SHINE SHINE SHINE!