ɛïɜ sunshine for your soul ɛïɜ

for YOU!

Amazing Grace, how sweet the sound… a prayer recorded with all my heart. (Press play button to listen.)

You happen only once.

You deserve happiness.

You matter and are worthy of celebration.

Life affords you creative powers.

You are unique and wonderful and perfectly imperfect.

There is a reason you are here. It’s not necessary to know, but it’s fun guessing, isn’t it?

I created this Meditation to celebrate the colors of our world and to offer you a relaxing way to invite a greater awareness of presence and joy through color. (edited to add, no bathtub required :)

Listen Now by clicking Play button below.

OR Right Click the (oops grainy) SHINE image below, and “Save Link As” to your computer and enjoy the Colour Bath Meditation on your MP3 player.


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