ɛïɜ sunshine for your soul ɛïɜ

from becky

I am becky and I love people, our planet, and using my energy for joy, kindness and creativity. I want to make use of my life in the most powerful way I can, by shining and sharing fearlessly, and giving without holding back. I started Soul Sunshine to celebrate the everyday joy and goodness I see in our world.

Soul Sunshine gives me a space to share the things that delight and inspire me;  ultimately reminding me how MIRACULOUS it is to be alive. I want to SHINE using my gifts: I love writing, reading aloud, singing and reminding you how POWERFUL & AMAZING you are! This site is a mishmosh of all-things-I enjoy: poetry, art, music, muse, essays & thoughts shared with the intention to make a moment in your life a little BRIGHTER.

I respect your time online and only publish when my is bursting with something especially good.

For every negative thing that happens there are a million good things. Soul Sunshine is my record of lots of things that are right, true and good in our world. There is MUCH to celebrate!

Let’s start a dialogue! I need YOUR soular powers; kindly support my work. Want to know a bit more? I humbly share my FAQ page.

beckyjaine_2013 light center beneath the blooming kanzan cherry blossom tree (April 2013)

I look forward to shining together! Let’s start a dialogue!


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