zooming L❤️VE at you

dear heARTs,

this idea has been in my heartmind for quite some time. the past two years have found me literally in hundreds–if not 1000s–of Zoom rooms, creating and holding space for sacred listening and speaking from the ❤️.

many cups of water, tea and coffee are consumed in zoom rooms.

as the back of a motor vehicle is to bumperstickers, mug bottoms provide ample opportunity for unspoken affirmations too! 😜

photo of my mugs adorned with a heart-shaped blob on every bottom ❤️

VOILA!  Now if you ever meet me in a zoom room and catch me taking a swig, you also glimpse a reminder of how much I love you, because i do. ❤️

heART blobs were painted using glass paint, although acrylic paint may also stand up to multiple washings.

to L❤️VE and hydration!
becky xo

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6 thoughts on “zooming L❤️VE at you

  1. Sistah! I want to buy one or two of your heart mugs!  PLEASE tell me
    you’ll sell a couple to me!

    1. YES!!!! In fact I have some brand new mugs, lovely white ones…. waiting for heART blob bottoms. Definitely save 2 for you dear Sistah! xoxo

    2. are you a right or left-handed mug drinker? (that will determine which way the hearts go… but then again, an UPside down heart is still JOY!)

  2. SISTAH!!  These are absolutely wonderful! I want to buy 2 (or trade gift
    for gift)!!  PLEASE tell me you’ll sell/trade a couple! xo  Kate

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