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Welcome dear Human ❤
This site holds space for the delightful and inspiring, reminders of just how MIRACULOUS it is to be alive. The words, songs, stories, art and images aspire to remind myself (and perhaps you too?) of the infinite MIRACLES & GIFTS each and every day offers!

who is becky jaine?
I love to write. Sing! Make things! and hold sacred talking circles. A personal illness reawakened my love of creativity and evoked a sense of responsibility to seek and act in ways that make love, joy and kindness shine forth in the world, right now. I write and share here to send my love into the future.

moi with my eldest friend, Pearl Schechter (click image to read her amazing story)

I believe in kindness: kindness to others and self kindness.

I run a little company supporting, nurturing–and in some cases reactivating–creativity, kindness and JOY called Joyfuel. I offer my work upon a spectrum of gift economy, depending and appreciating gifts at my patreon here.

Here is a short video about my dream and vision for a media company dedicated to kindness, creativity and human JOY:

I seek new ways to encourage people to play. I love to write, sing, dance and create opportunities for others to tell their stories.

Hit play to hear my heart… My prayer for us all, Amazing Grace


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