creative girl and gift economy

creativegirl love 2015Dear Friends,

Creative Girl and much of my work is offered using a gift economy philosophy… basically this means I let go of whether or not I personally make profit and trust that if what I bring is of value to my community together we will find a way. It’s not that I don’t need or use money, it’s that I am choosing to focus most of my energy on how I can contribute to children and creativity, without placing a specific financial requirement.

Creative Girl has been going for THREE years now and through our playshops and camps we have celebrated more than 30 girls! I do NOT do this alone. Using gift economy has led me to explore and invest in multiple alternative forms currency: I use my personal energy to solicit supply donations and discounts from companies, receive used supply donations, shop thrift stores, and upcycle as we can.

Instead of investing financially in marketing, I depend on friends who know me and what we are doing to spread the word. Many families gift financially, some are not in a position to. No girl is ever turned away. Our children are the ultimate currency: their creativity, self expression and unique spirits SHINE! I will never know the “value” of celebrating girls, except to say that what I experience with them and see in them is priceless and beautiful.

Next week we have our summer playshop in Raleigh. If you’re in a position to support this work for girls, I would be so grateful to receive any amount financial contribution towards the program, specifically you could be a PAINT sponsor, as we ran out of paint at our last playshop doing the above drum painting creation. We’d be so grateful…. we’ll even make you a surprise colorful gift to express our appreciation. :) Paypal me or email me for other ways.

We have ONE more opening, so if you know a girl in Raleigh, Wake Forest North Carolina, aged 9 to 14 please share our web site

Thank you for reading and thank you so much for the countless ways you support me!

creatiful blessings,
❤ becky

p.s. I thinking about writing much more about gift economy here. In five years I’ve learned about what this means (at least to me) and would love your feedback and questions to help me articulate it better. What do you think?

p.p.s and yes, I smell the pungent irony that I’m writing about gift economy and asking for financial support. The fact is, running a business using the gift economy still finds me on a spectrum, and dependent on financial resources, but I must say I’ve learned how to use a powerful dollar with greater love, awareness and intention.❤

prayer for nows

prayer for now

The hope for the future of all life upon earth lies with us humans. (Yes, us. You and I.)

Should we choose to use our human energy and attention
–now and every now to come–
in self-love, not selfish,
with love for all life,
using our nows with intention,
listening to people we would rather not,
in guardianship, conscious utilization and reactivation of earth’s resources and finite gifts:
Our collective next-nows will hold the potential to create a more beautiful future for humanity, and for all our earth.

(Let me be most mindful of the significance of the power of creativity and my “nows,” and trust the tomorrows shall take care of themselves.)

I have much work–and many nows–to do. I hope.

all my love (dedication and prayers) for us all, becky

the most beautiful question in the world

all we need is love


A question I contemplate and strive to cultivate answers within myself is Could there be anything more beautiful, powerful and healing than fully-activated human love?

I have great hope in us humans. The best of humanity has not yet been revealed.  Humanity’s finest hour is coming. We are about to collectively wake up and activate humanity’s greatest secret, currently resting dormant inside of us.

You see, inside each of us we harbor a powerful God Seed–the most likely healing medicine for the world, our greatest gift yet to come. Human God Seeds are the greatest earthly resource of all; greater than oil, even more powerful and creative than carbon. So far only partially activated in the world right now, our God Seeds have transformative healing abilities unleashed as the power of fully-activated Human Love.

Human Love is a completely renewable and sustainable resource, a SOULar power channeled through humans and powered by the Earth: yes Human LOVE is abundant and shall come through more than 7 billion beings!

This new form of Human Love gives us abilities to place our attention upon each other in deeper ways, to become the healers we need for our planet and all of our residents.

Human Love is God animated. We each of us carry within us the possibility of God. We live our Godliness through the choices we make, the way we treat and care for one another, our friends and neighbors, and also those whom we have yet to understand or care for–those we might regard as enemies, terrorists, or even the opposing political party.

What is missing in the telling of the story of our current Earthly mess, is how as a species we humans can, will and must EVOLve to LOVE all humans, to harness LOVE as medicine to heal each other and our injured planet.

The secret is that we humans are the medicine for the planet. As is so often the case with illnesses, the cure rests within the pulse of the disease.

By fully activating our collective Human Love potential—we humans will indeed save the world.

So I ask Could there be anything more beautiful, powerful, and healing than fully-activated Human Love?

i love you. i love our earth. i love and accept this crazy mess we have made. and i love the bigger LOVE we have yet to live. i’m ready. let’s all bring love on! all we need is love.

all my❤ becky

slow, sad kindness


Dearest Friends,

I’m feeling blue and rather courageous about sharing this act of kindness. It’s not your typical feel good story about choosing to do something kind for someone, but I’ll tell you anyway, in honor of the fact that sometimes it hurts deeply to open our hearts and extend kindness with the intention of alleviating another person’s suffering.

This past weekend I was in grocery store when a woman asked me for 50 cents towards buying some chicken . She said she was hungry. I didn’t have any cash but I offered to buy her chicken if she didn’t mind sticking around with me until I finished shopping. She didn’t say anything but started walking beside with me.

She had a very sad demeanor and I noticed she had a black eye. She shuffled her feet as she walked. She slurred her speech.

(I noticed many judgments rise up within me.)

I kept shopping and began talking to her, asking her if she was ok, as I noticed her eye.

She said she’d had a seizure and hit her head, but that her temporary roommate didn’t call 911 because she woke up. She didn’t know what caused the seizure.

(I noticed my internal reasoning and retelling of her story.)

She watched me place more items in my basket.

(I became aware of where my purse was.)

I asked her if she’d like to get more groceries to go with her chicken. I said I’d buy up to $10 of groceries for her. She just stared–vacantly, walked off, coming back with an armful of raw chicken.

She stood there, holding the chicken, looking at me.

I told her I was happy to help her and to put the chicken in my basket.

I picked up some yogurt drinks for my three children.

(I felt aware and almost uneasy about being able to buy the groceries I needed for my own family. I noticed my internal story.)

I asked her if she had children.

Three girls, she said, children that had been taken from her because her mother called Child Protective Services.

(I noticed other shoppers giving her edgy/distrusting looks.)

She asked me if I could imagine my own mother having my children taken away from me, and then asked me why would her mother have done that?

I told her I couldn’t imagine that. I told her that perhaps her mother was worried about her kids’ safety. I asked her if her children were safe with her… She shrugged and shifted her eyes down.

(Again–inside my head–I heard my own version of her story.)

Her speech slurred. She seemed in a slow-motion haze.

We finally got to the checkout. I asked her what needed to change for her situation to improve? She said getting her own place would be good. I told her I hoped it worked out for her.

I paid for her chicken and all of my other groceries.

She didn’t say anything as I handed it to her.

(I found myself waiting for her to thank me, but then redirected my thoughts to the reason I was doing this in the first place… it certainly was NOT to be thanked, but to show compassion and to do what I could in this moment, to help her.)

I wished her well and left the shop with my grocery cart full, as she used her cell phone to call a friend, perhaps to get a ride.

I got to my car and felt terribly uneasy–quite dreadful–about the whole experience. Deep down I knew the best–and perhaps the only–thing I could have done right now, was to buy her food.

I said a prayer for her and her daughters.

I cried. It didn’t feel good to do this for her, but it truly feels like the only thing I could have done.

It’s interesting to me to consider my inner dialog and judgments, and my hesitancy to share this story with you, dear reader. I didn’t let my negative and judgmental inner thoughts change anything except to find a way to more deeply open to her, be a witness to her, to hear her, be beside her when so many others in the store seemed to run from her, and to give her what she said she needed in the moment.

What more could I have done? I wonder.

I wish I could have done more… I wish … I wish …. many blessings for her life.

❤ becky


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love and wisdom walk into a bar

love and wisdom joyfuel 2015 2

Dearest Hearts,

My son brought this exquisite bloom-within-a-bloom flower back for me from a walk he went on with my husband. My boy-sage–now 6– smiled ear-to-ear as he handed me a double-blossoming flower only a few minutes after I penned the beautiful gem of love/wisdom from Sri Nisargadatta Maharaj into my journal. To me, the double flower–name unknown to me–embodies Maharaji’s beautiful words.

Love says “I am everything”.
Wisdom says “I am nothing”.
Between the two my life flows.

The moment my son gave it to me, my breath was captured; I felt my knees buckle to grace–and I held on tightly to my son–my teacher– giving over to the splendor of duality … to everything.

I knew his timely gift had to be shared with you. For joy. I don’t need–or even want–to know the name of the flower. Simply knowing that it is, is knowing enough.

my❤ and wishes for your joy, becky

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