musical joy of the season

(thank you to my lovely cousin Pips, for the JOY!)

dear ones,

I wish you a beautiful winter solstice (and summer for tother side of our world), a very Happy Christmas, and beautiful blessings upon these final days of 2016. i want to honor everything you carry in and on your heart right now. gentle hugs to you.

this past year i tried really hard to embrace more of my (perfect) imperfections, and attempted to run with them, not FROM them. the older i get, the more courage i find to truly give who I am to my friends and family.

life is fleeting and imperfect. the more i show up authentically, real, honest, and imperfect the more in tune i am with my heart, gifts and self love and compassion–and funny, but the more JOY i feel. so grateful.

so in the spirit of perfect imperfection, 😉 here’s a little gift from my heart to yours, two songs of the season.

thank you to my friend Cindy Bizzell for her beautiful accompaniment on piano for both songs.

O Holy Night

O Holy Night is one of my most favorite Christmas carols. the music was written in 1847 by Adolphe Adam using a French poem by Placide Cappeau. below is my favorite stanza that makes me daydream about what it might have been like to physically walk beside Jesus. ❤

Truly He taught us to love one another;
His law is love and His gospel is peace.
Chains shall He break for the slave is our brother;
And in His name all oppression shall cease.
Sweet hymns of joy in grateful chorus raise we,
Let all within us praise His holy name.


Under the Holly Bough

Cindy introduced me to this lovely contemporary piece, music composed by Scott Henderson set to a poem by Charles Mackay, 1851.

from my imperfect heart to yours… sending you my love,
❤ becky

what am i willing to die for?


When I think about the water protectors and the sacred work they are doing to protect the land and river and our future humans, I am inspired yet simultaneously perplexed by their willingness to die for this cause. These incredible humans are willing to be present in body, mind and spirit in prayer and peace knowing well they may be harmed by rubber bullets, concussion granades and other various human-made intentional suffering devices. They are willing to face arrest and to be crated in dog cages, to suffer and potentially die at the hands of a system and–let me remind myself–at the hands of OTHER HUMANS: A system and humans that not only devalues, disrespects and disregards their beliefs and basic needs, but intentionally inflicts horrific suffering upon them, to try to stop them.

The now thousands of mostly peaceful people in North Dakota–men, women, and children–these humans are prepared to die to stop the rape, monetization and exploitation of Mother Earth, willing to let their lives end in the name of ending the DAPL and our collective addiction to oil.

(I find it funny but not ironic that wordpress and facebook thinks monetization is misspelled, but at least it suggests “demonetization”… that is something!)

I am so grateful for their known suffering and–coincidental intentional prayerful–optimism. (I pray for the suffering to stop.) I honor our brothers and sisters in North Dakota–and all around the world–us humans who are done with the old story. Those of us who are willing to go with less of our physical desires met. I honor this complicated time we are living between stories; old story of greed and take and oppression and separateness, and the possibility of new story of sharing, giving and celebrating each other for all our unique expressions of humanity, and unity.

I don’t have answers but I am willing to go with much less (and endure intentional suffering) so my grandchildren can have enough.

I am ready to use human intention and creativity to bring in the NEW story. I want to serve (and listen, learn and love) however I can.

The Water Protectors’ tenacity, courage and conviction leads me to ask myself–and perhaps you too–: What am I willing to die for? What do I believe in so much that I would risk making my children motherless?

Perhaps until I can fully answer these questions, I am not truly living or fully alive?!


just thinking and questioning with you. with all my ❤

water (oil?) is life


Dear Ones,

In Raleigh, North Carolina yesterday, a couple hundred of us local Water Protectors went to steps of Wells Fargo building downtown, to peacefully share the message in English, Cherokee and Navajo: Water is Life. It felt good to stand physically–should to shoulder, heart to heart–with so many strangers who are committed to being a voice for those on the front line protecting the water, in ND. I have been shooting love canons through my site here and on Facebook, but to actually use my body felt powerful.

While our connections and stance felt good, it also felt very bad. I had to deal with my own hypocrisy and nausea: driving my fossil-fueled minivan there, and protesting and standing in front of a company that bought my house for my family, I owe mega bucks for my home mortgage. I strive to not contribute to the problems, but me– like practically EVERYONE– I am stuck in this system of our old story.

I felt sadness for the workers coming out. For some of them, today may have been the first time they heard about how their company was involved in funding DAPL.

I know in my heart and entire being, that we are ALL in this together. While Water IS Life, I know that most of us are bound by our dependencies to oil. It fuels our lifestyles, the way water fuels our bodies. While I believe this is the situation right now, I do NOT believe there is nothing that we can do about it.

I pray for greed, fear and the myth of separation to be washed away by love and sacred listening. I write about the injustice and plight in ND and the Sioux and perhaps ya’ll are perplexed by how an immigrant from England could care so much… but I do. If you ever want to talk about it, please reach out, don’t silently carry your curiosity… I am here to lovingly and peacefully share the situation and my heart. And in turn to listen to you.

I pray for us all, that we realize that ND represents every single duality of our America, from racism, elitism, greed, putting profit over people’s and Mama Earth’s health… and countless civil liberty violations. I pray for the new America to come peacefully now, and for intentional human suffering to end. I pray.

Thank you for reading and hearing me. And our Native aAmerican brothers and sisters say, Thank you for being.

knowing and believing a better new story is coming…

#NoDAPL #WaterIsLife #StandingWithStandingRock #MediaWhiteOut #wellsfargo

mothering is democracy


I took my teenage daughters to school this morning (Sonshine is home, sick), just a few minutes after learning the news of our new president from the radio. As a family we have been preparing for Mr. Trump for many months, but it still was a shock.

Months ago I vehemently considered moving my family to England, as a British national I have that right. But that was before I more deeply explored what living in this country means to me, and the possibility America affords, and also what it means to live democracy on a daily basis, democracy as an act I consciously contribute to… daily.

We have talked about what democracy is, what it aspires to be, and that an election is only one way democracy attempts itself.

This morning, on the drive we talked about it some more. I told them that today is a day for listening, and that deep listening is a democratic act.

Then we talked about our prayers. We can act in our power by choosing to pray for humility to wash over Mr. Trump. That we should be thankful so many of his warts, flaws and fears are transparent. And that we as a country, can help heal him and all us with similar hidden and outward expressions of fear (racism, elitism, bullying, etc.) by using our love and deep listening to the pain, and of course our individual and collaborative creativity.

Then I felt a panic feeling come over me, dropping them off at the door, questioning (in my heart) their safety at school… well anywhere really. I reasoned with myself: Dropping the children off at school today is a democratic act. Mothering (and fathering) is a democratic act.

We shall overcome. One foot in front of the other. Breathing. Listening. Hurting. Learning. Forgiving. Remembering that people and countries can and do change. Continuing on. Loving forward. We will make this new story, together.

(photo of our daughters standing in front of Abe Lincoln memorial, on the very spot where Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr loved into being our “I Have a Dream” speech.)

❤ becky

we the people


WE the People need each other, all of every one of us. We each have something meaningful to give. Together we are stronger and have greater possibilities because we are all here, alive, now.
We the People can make decisions that place and activate love over fear.
We the People can commit to reducing consumption of oil (i.e. carpooling, limiting/consolidating convenience driven car trips) –and ultimately evolve from oil towards bio-remediative sources of fuel helping the environment instead of depleting and contaminating it.
  We the People can support the beliefs of our Native American brothers and sisters. We can apologize for the atrocious ways of our ancestors.
 We the People in this present moment, can apologize for the past and the painful Holocaust that happened in the making of this Country.
 We the People can apologize to our African American brothers and sisters for the cruel and demeaning ways of our ancestors. We can hold gratitude to all those who suffered and those who lost their lives. We can learn from our past and not repeat it.
 We the People can apologize for the detrimental painful patterns of separatist behavior that still happens and oppresses all human beings, keeping us from our potential.
We the People can honor sacred burial grounds of all people. We can regard these lands with reverence regardless of our personal religious beliefs or our personal oil-consumption patterns/needs.
We the People can listen and respect opinions than differ from our own.
We the People can prioritize human lives, dignity and values over monetary profit.
We the People can honor, respect and acknowledge the Earth and the bountiful–yet finite–gifts she gives.
We the People can choose to no longer allow Pipelines to cut through our country, and propagate the old oil-driven story of US, We can demand companies expand and employ people and technologies that will help–not hurt–the environment and ultimately us humans.
We the People have the power to change our story and begin a new one that honors all people and the beautiful planet we are connected with and bound to.
We the People can regard human beings as potential medicine for the problems of our planet, while accepting culpability, and learning from our past.
We the People can believe that each of us has gifts to give in our lifetimes, important gifts that are needed and will make a difference.
We the People can believe there is a better way, and that NOW is the time for us to explore it together, in peace, with loving hearts listening ears, and not fists or force.
We the People are intelligent, capable and strong enough to hold the pain of not having all the answers, while simultaneously trusting the answers shall emerge and serve.
We the People can live forward in ways that do not inflict physical pain, intentional suffering, harm or death to any human.
We the People of this Earth can believe that together we can co-create the solutions we so desperately need and deserve.
amen. it is so.

I love all you people! Sharing these thoughts knowing this list is incomplete. These words come from my heart and prayers with my great love and hope for us… for humanity. I certainly cannot speak as “We the people”, but–in marrying my imaginings with my heart–I get energized to wonder what our world would be like, if we did indeed believe these as truths. I wonder… what would be possible for us? I also wonder, what are your “We the Peoples”?