i’m part of this thing

Dear HeArts,

Just a little note to let you know I’m giddy to be part of the Global Oneness Summit this year and I’m excited to invite you to the to experience inspirational programs, speakers and events offered Oct 16-24th. Want to come?

On Day 2 of the Summit at 1pm EDT I join the incomparable galvanizer Jon Ramer of the SINE Network who is hosting a deep dive conversation called “Tales of Synergy from the Magic Canoe” along with some other incredible colleagues (who are also dear friends) who are tirelessly devoted to peacebuilding including Ben Bowler of UNITY Earth, Dr. Kurt Johnson, Anne-Marie Voorhoeve, and Hereditary Chief Phil Lane, Jr. We’ll share reflections about what we’ve been co-creating and amplifying within commUnity  since World UNITY Week 2020! If you don’t know, it’s really and truly worldchanging… (and that is NOT an exaggeration. LOL.)

click to Register for FREE

Our session is Day 2 of the Summit at 1pm EDT.

Register for FREE 🙂 using this link, and receive invites for the full week’s events. You can pick and choose what you’d like to engage with.

Join us and get inspired by more than 100 thought leaders sharing their wisdom, including other dear friends like Deborah Moldow, Diane Williams, Denise Scotto, Michael Lindfield, Dr. Julie Krull, Dr. Jude Currivan, Kate Sheehan Roach, , Dr. Marty K. Casey, Rev. Diane Berke… and so many others like Paul Hawken, Bruce H. Lipton, Ph.D., Lynne McTaggart, Michael Bernard Beckwith, Lynne Twist, Sarah McCrum. Woohooo!

click here to Register for FREE

I hope you can join me, and if you do, please do let me know what you think. I’ll be watching through out the week too, and look forward to this time of exploration of the new science of oneness.

So much LOVE to you xoxo

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