his name was jacob, but then again…

an angel found at the Cathedral of John the Divine, New York City.

he was high, not only on drugs, but on himself, life, even love of life. i could see all that in his eyes and dance.

in an uncrowded bar–the band cranked out underappreciated meaning-filled music and beauty– and jacob was there, dancing, spinning, full of enough joy of life to stir the maternal protective instincts of, well at least me.

he whirled by me, our eyes connected. i pointed out his necklace — crystals, gems and minerals, each rock standing up and out like a circle of stones around his neck.

as if an impossibility, his energy grew even brighter, like a human sunrise. he exclaimed, “Yaaaaa, i just got this, right?! isn’t it amazing?”

right then and there i asked him, would you like me to pray a blessing of safety for you, into your new necklace?

he enthusiastically agreed.

i held my palms up, above his shoulders, both sides of his face. i prayed for all things good to help this young person find his path, his safekeeping, to cultivate gratitude that he will need to do the work he has yet to do in this world.

afterwards, as he walked away, i recounted the story from the Bible, about Jacob and the all-night brawl and wrestle with the angel that eventually released him a charged and changed man, with a new name: Israel.

struck by how much maternal love i could feel for a complete random stranger, i realize i want to live and love like i could be any jacob’s mother, any new friend’s sister or daughter… to love and bless upon all children on earth.

how can i live my life towards blessing as many of god’s (and/or goddess’) children as possible?

i wonder….

love. love. love.

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