Spread love everywhere you go. Let no one ever come
to you without leaving happier. ~Mother Theresa

Make Blessing Scrolls for Cancer Patients (or for whomever you choose)

This idea is dedicated to human courage and love;
to people seeking strength and healing;
and to YOU for the power you have to use your time and energy in acts of KINDNESS
and H

Every day–in a place probably not too far from where you are right now– people* are struggling, fighting, hoping, hurting, praying. People in your community are getting news and taking medicine that is hard to take. They are needing to find–to make–the strength and courage they need to believe that healing is possible and that it will be coming their way.

(*If you are one of these souls, I hope you are blessed by kindness that will celebrate the gift that you are.)

Some people are alone. Some may have a strong supportive group of friends and family around them. Regardless, ALL could benefit from knowing that a “stranger” cares about them, and is honoring them and their journeys through a simple act of kindness.

Consider creating this KINDNESS project with some of your friends and/or your family, and sharing your creations with your area Cancer Treatment Facilities. You are invited to leave a comment below sharing how and where you will be gifting your scrolls. LET”S START A MOVEMENT!

1. Here is a link to a very simple downloadable TUTORIAL (one page) to make and distribute Gems of Love: beautiful paper blessing scrolls, each containing a powerful quote or prayer intended to raises and celebrate the person who opens it. No art or craft experience is necessary … and kiddos enjoy this too! (Right click to download or click image to open PDF now.)

gems of love bowl web

2. And here is the link to a collection of beautiful QUOTES (10-page PDF) to use with the tutorial.(Right click to download or click image to open PDF now.)

gems of love scissors 2014 web

3. Leave blessing scrolls for a special gift of encouragement for a beautiful stranger. (I like to think that each message finds the person it is intended for.)

4. Leave a comment below and share how and where you will gift your scrolls.

LET’S use our powers for KINDNESS!

to kindness!
becky jaine

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♥ Sacred Kindness Circles ♥
Love and compassion are necessities, not luxuries.
Without them, humanity cannot survive. ~The Dalai Lama

If you live in Raleigh, NC or surrounding local cities you are invited to join the Triangle Women’s Sacred Kindness Circle through Meetup. You’ll receive invitations to our monthly creativity gatherings. If you are not in my immediate community and would like to form your own Kindness Circle where YOU are in our world, please contact me and I’d be honored to help you get started.


Oooh, and here is an article I wrote about Kindness —Kindness Kartel . (TIP: search “kindness” in the search box on the left for more.)

This page will continue to blossom. Perhaps you have an idea we can share on this page? Please share.

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