remedies for despair

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Dear Ones,
Recently I awoke with the words “remedies for despair” in my awareness. Since then I’ve been contemplating the unprecedented amount of the nearly 8 billion humans upon the earth right now, and how many of us might be experiencing despair.
What are remedies for despair, I wonder?
I love us.
I’d like to offer two daily practices to potentially bless you dear reader, especially if you seek a possible daily remedy for despair.  You are not alone.
There are two powerful–and simple– minutes we can spend each day to hold space for peace on earth as we process the tender realities of suffering in Russia and Ukraine, and other places we don’t even hear about in old-story media.
One is called the International PeaceWave. Introduced by Pathways To Peace it is done for at least one minute at Noon in every time zone. You can bring your awareness and love to the entire earth, and hold your heart–even close your eyes if you like–and intend peace and healing to all beings around the planet for one minute…. joining with countless others in your timezone who are doing the same thing.
A second opportunity comes at 9pm Greenwich Mean Time (London) called the Global Silent Minute.  Connect your heart, attention and intention with countless humans around the world also intending healing, presence, love and peace in silence.
I find these meaningful  and lovely. I set a daily chime bell reminder at Noon and 4pm EDT (that’s 9pm GMT to me). When I hear the chimes I stop whatever I am doing to tune my presence and radiate love during these 2 minutes especially, each day.
Another practice I have taken up is to open this world population clock and consider how my own presence upon earth is just one count within the ever-changing total. Births. Deaths. It feels awe striking to consider never in history have there been more humans alive upon this earth–and you and I are among us. 💓
There are many other global groups holding space for intentional peace-prayer circles and other gatherings. The beauty is you can do this whenever and however you choose, even if you miss the times. These moments are meant to be a blessing to you, as well as to others.

These are painful times on earth, yet never has there been a greater chance for us to bring about the radical changes needed to bring us in greater alignment with and for humanKIND and for peace to come to us for good.
Peace is not the absence of disagreement or even disharmony: Peace is an honoring of our diversities without doing intentional harm to each other.
What do you do that might be your personal remedy for despair? You are invited to place your practices and ideas in the comments.
So much 💓 to each and every human heart… nearly 8 billion!
💗 May Peace Prevail On Earth 💗

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2 thoughts on “remedies for despair

  1. Oh, thank you sistah!  May I share these with others via my upcoming
    museletter and FB?  If I can share it, please let me know if you want a
    link connected…

    I hope you and yours are doing well in this time of upheaval.  I have to
    remember that Gregg Braden said in one of his books that if an alien
    were watching a woman in labor, he would think she was dying.  But in
    truth she is giving life.  I pray that these are the labor pains of a
    world coming together, and not being blown apart.

    Be well,

    Kate xoxo

    1. This is so beautiful dear Kate! Yes, of course you can use anything that resonates, anytime. Pardon my delay in responding to you. Didn’t see you messaged me here. xoxo LOVE!!!!

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