sacred zoom

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*Sacred Zoom*

Will you virtually hold my hand?

Will you sit beside me

in a sacred zoom gathering

as i work through

awkward sound problems

to ensure two humans

in South America

can be properly and fully heard?

Can you join

your prayer

with mine

while i read a

missed chat comment

from a mother


her son

In the intensive care unit,

praying for his organs

to revitalize

—for his life to be saved?

Will you walk beside me

Into a future unknown


where we


—fully and safely—

the sacred grief

our present culture denies?

Can you affirm

my longing

for love and kindness

to reign?

Will you love




often unreciprocated

for Love’s sake?

Can you




and stoke

connective courage


to light up tomorrow?

Will you?

Can you?

I will

if you will.

Let’s both

go first


~ becky suzik

i wrote this poem after supporting an Indigenous-led prayer ceremonies in honor of World Water Day on March 22, 2022. You can experience the recordings here
22 Women’s Prayers around the world
World Water Day 2022

with love and gratitude for this world and the humans who are tirelessly lovelifting the earth boat for love, healing and unity
becky xo

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