mountain of hope

mlk-hope-beckyjaine2016With this faith we will be able to hew out of the mountain of despair a stone of hope … —Martin Luther King, Jr.

dear hearts,

On this Dr. Martin Luther King’s day I have a gift for anyone who would like to receive it. I thought about things I have made in the last year and perhaps this creation could somehow be in service towards Dr. King’s vision for all of us truly living together as brothers and sisters.
If you are perplexed, exhausted or stressed out by the inequity and injustice that our world’s current monetary system is propagating, perhaps you would enjoy hearing from the thought leaders lovingly curated and shared in this collection.
Last year I created a web site intending to deepen our relationship with our gifts –energy, time, attention, things and money– and our connection to our world. This series offers material from my 7-year-long investigation into my gifts and expression of them, and ultimately offers many of the thought leaders that contributed to healing my own painful relationship with money. I originally created this site as a gift for a beautiful group of friends all over our world, who believe–as I do–those of us alive right now are part of writing our Earth’s New Story.
It’s called the Gift Ecology Circle and offers a go-at-your-own-pace curriculum of essays, interviews, videos and journaling/homework assignments intending an understanding of the spectrum of Gift Economy or Ecology: Ideas and muse to get us thinking more imaginatively about our economy and the way we use our personal human currency (aka energy), and using money and energy as an expression of connection and love, and not transaction.
If–as you are experiencing the content–you would like to share your thoughts or ideas with me, I’d love to hear them! If there are a few of us, we can find a way for private sharing to connect us.
Thank you for being alive at this most energized time in human history. I<3 you.
 Happy Birthday to one of my greatest teachers, Dr. King.
with all my heart,

the new story

newstory beckyjaine 2014

the new story
by becky jaine

i have made up my mind:
yes, i am going to be a part of the new story.
the new human story, the story that is necessary and redemptive and healing.


a story where human and world healing unfolds.

in the new story
i wake up and take complete control of my intentions, attention and actions.

(we are all
interrelated and interconnected,
entwined and entangled,
engaged and connected in the old story,
connected in possibility for our new story to emerge.)

in the new story
i still hurt for humans who are suffering and oppressed
and i feel for them while feeling and dealing with my own insecurities and hurts too.
i feel deeply while taking actions,
acting in my own community, doing something to reduce pain and activate greater human joy.

JOY is possible. JOY is probable. JOY will heal. JOY can activate.
human JOY is part of the new story.


in the new story
i contribute to the new world i can see and feel in my heart,
the new world that is possible for us.

(in the old story we haven’t yet realized we are one.
in the new story we live and own our oneness.)

in the new story i live in a world where humans give freely their gifts and talents.

humans feel awakened and empowered to be true to their hearts’ callings, desires, stirrings and ands,
to live in a world where i care more deeply about you and act as if we are all one…

because we are


❤ ❤ ❤

this poem is inspired by the work of charles eisenstein and david spangler.