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Mailing Address
Becky Jaine
c/o PEACE Fellowship
4104 Watkins Road
Raleigh, NC  27616

Who is becky jaine?
I’m a writer, mother, wife, musician, women’s circle creator, social artist and kindness activist. Through illness I have come to realize that healing is a life-long journey, not a final destination. I’ve come back into my own personal power and reignited my creativity. Life is short … a blip. I’m no longer afraid of being bright and shining and sharing my joy of life and my gifts and passions.

I nurture my spirit through connectivity with the Earth, embracing my feminine and masculine energies, and by using creative energy with focused intention.

I believe in kindness … kindness to others and kindness to ourselves.

In 2011 I founded and began co-creating the Sacred Kindness Circle, a small monthly women’s creativity circle generating acts of kindness and creativity for strangers and non-profit organizations. I offer creativity retreats and workshops for women and girls. I help women create Sacred Circles in their own communities across the world.

I am a heart writer. For many years I was a business journalist and marketing/pr exec. Now my aspirations are a little more… uh-hem– shall I say–juvenile?! I have leapt from business writing to the colorful world of creative empowerment, kindness kindling, and children’s stories. I write vibrant stories that are a joy to read aloud: stories that are gentle and meaningful and spirited. Please email me and I’ll gladly share more. (I’m seeking a publisher.)

I love life and feel blessed by each moment–every opportunity–I have to positively interact with our world. I see every person is an absolute miracle, all 7,000,000,000 of us.

creativity playshops

Visit and subscribe to www.creativeGIRL.net for information about my upcoming Women, Mother/Daughter and Creative Girl retreats and playshops.

heARTist for hire
I bring my voice (readings and music) to special occasions and am available to sing/read at weddings, funerals or any life event! I’ll write/read/and record a poem or essay for you or as a gift for someone you love. I’ll paint a picture for you. I’ll dedicate a post to someone you love. I’ll SING …. Yah-haaaaaaaaaah! In exchange I’ll accept money or your personal commitment to create acts of kindness. Contact me for rates.You can hear a sample by clicking below. )

I make my living and support my family by being who I am– giving my talents and creations freely: art, writing, creativity workshops, blessing beads, fairies, monkeys and angel necklaces, music, and giant bubblewands. I need YOUR soular powers; kindly support my work.

Thank you for visiting AND thank you for being here during this amazing transformative time on Earth.

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