save the humans

Please sign our PRIVATE petition below.
Become a voice for the Lapita Navigators of Micronesia, a beautiful and peaceful people who are threatened by rising sea levels. If they do not get help, these people will become extinct. They live closely aligned with nature, no electricity, running water OR money in their culture.
Your name and information will remain private and will NOT be shared
with any other organization.twinkleandbeckyjaine2012

Here is a link to an article I wrote supporting my now 13-year-old daughter to help bring awareness to this dire situation.

Please consider printing and collecting additional signatures from wherever you are in our world.
Download and print this GS Petition for Lapita Navigators PDF and collect signatures and send them to us in NC. (See my contact page to reach us.)

LIKE the cause on Facebook for news and updates.

Thank you.  Merci. Gracias. Grazie. Danke schoen.
Kinisou (in Chuuk, Micronesian.)

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4 thoughts on “save the humans

  1. I consider it an honor and privilege to join in the effort to save the Lapita Navigators from extinction. My forefathers decimated an indigenous population and took their lands. I feel morally obligated to do the opposite by doing whatever I can to aid in the effort to relocate this self-sustaining population to a safe new home.

  2. Ever since I saw the documentary I constantly wonder if they are ok, or nearly drowning with rising seas. Lovely to find a petition I’ve not yet signed & it’s now been signed & shared everywhere. THANK YOU!!

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