Shine Shine


Mother Earth needs us now.

This is the time to awaken and actuate a perfect human love.
We need the type of love
the kind of kindness the legends have exemplified.

Oh, Brothers, Oh Sisters
it’s not hard, you’ll see
yes you’ll see by the love light all around.

Right now we can find the way
it begins with trust
let go of yesterday.

Embrace your humanity
in this moment

Joy is your birthright
Don’t diminish your light.

Shine  Shine
Shine your light for you,
Shine  Shine
Shine your light for me,
Oh Shine Shine
It’s not hard to do
Shine  Shine
Shine your LIGHT for the world to see.

This is our time to SHINE!

photo of my shining daughter atop Grandfather Mountain, North Carolina
lyrics by becky jaine

© 2012 Becky Jaine

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