Write your own poem (fun quick link)

Everyone can be a poet. Check out this link  (http://ettcweb.lr.k12.nj.us/forms/iampoem.htm )where you can quickly create a thought-provoking poem about the most wonderful person in the world: YOU!

Here’s mine… Please post and share yours in the “comment” section…

Love, love and love, Becky


I am

I am powerful and kind
I wonder what would happen if we all lived without fear
I hear the sound of world peace
I see every person on earth holding hands; all 7 billion of us
I want to be a back-up singer for Pink Floyd
I am powerful and kind

I pretend I know what the heck I am doing
I feel like I am falling up
I touch the Sun
I worry about how often our culture uses devices to communicate
I cry when children are ignored
I am powerful and kind

I understand everyone suffers
I say joy is our birthright
I dream I will write books for families
I try to help others all the time, even when it’s less than convenient
I hope I am truly as beautiful as my children think I am
I am powerful and kind

2 thoughts on “Write your own poem (fun quick link)

  1. (I forgot to put an “and” in the first line, but I like the idea of being “funny loyal”)

    I Am

    I am funny loyal
    I wonder if God has bad days
    I hear laughter
    I see a castle
    I want security
    I am funny loyal

    I pretend to conduct interviews with myself
    I feel desire
    I touch the edge of reality
    I worry I will never find companionship
    I cry when people bully others
    I am funny loyal

    I understand truth is impossible
    I say every day is an opportunity for good and bad
    I dream I have unlimited powers
    I try to be nice to everyone I meet and make them smile
    I hope things get better before they get worse
    I am funny loyal

    1. Love it! Thanks for posting… And yes indeed you are “funny loyal”. I esp like your “I understand truth is impossible.” Made me think of Ole Billy Bard, “There is no good or bad, thinking makes it so.”

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