happy ray #5: the power of namaste


the god in me
sees, loves, and honors
the god in you.

Namaste is an Indian greeting often said while bowing. The sacred power of namaste can be felt all over the world.

The first time my now 3-year-old son (Sonshine pictured above) saw Elmo on television, he turned away from the screen and looked back at me in sheer bewilderment. He looked to the t.v. and then turned around again to my reaction. His eyes and energy begged me to confirm that the adorable fuzzy red monster he saw was truly there, and that Elmo was real.

Sonshine looked perplexed and beckoned me. I smiled at him and assured him: “That’s Elmo! Isn’t he wonderful!?”

Sonshine laughed and grinned ear-to-ear…  giggling in amazement and bliss. I validated and assured his first experience of Elmo, a magical imaginary–yet very real–new object of my son’s affection and glee.

I long to feel validated. I want to feel love. I want to know I am not alone in my experience on earth. I need to witness my joy and love within eyes that are not my own … to have my life reflected back at me. Don’t you?

namaste to you, dear beautiful reader.

namaste to you, viewer of my words, photos and creations.

namaste to you, simultaneous being on earth, witness of my cyber existence …

I bow to you. I honor you. I love you.



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