life is so so so good (word play)

What would happen if we started a happy little business project making t-shirts imprinted with this emphatic truth?
Hmmm? …. Would you buy  want one?

business concept, color and quip conceived and created with love (to make you smile and perhaps to help my children go to college)
from becky jaine 

3 thoughts on “life is so so so good (word play)

  1. I think it is a lovely idea and sentiment. I also think the “Life is Good” company would slap you with a lawsuit in a heartbeat, but maybe that’s just my cynical brain!

    1. Teehee. I was just being silly and originally was totally KIDDING. I wanted to sound like I’d had a profoundly simple & original idea.

      This has all got me giggling and thinking.

      For kicks (and because Joan wants one) I looked up “life is so so so good” on the USPTO Web site. Turns out no individual, no brand, no company owns that combo of words. Therefore I officially hereby claim and declare copyright of “life is so so so good” as MINE–ours actually! I hereby give my readers permission to go crazy with puffy paint, t-shirts and deliriously create!

      If you want one from the Monkey House I will make FOR FREE a “life is so so so good” t-shirt for anyone who asks (tell me your color and size preference). I won’t sell them to you, but you are most welcome to donate to my soon-to-be-created children’s college fund. I’d appreciate the shipping fees too, but that’s not necessary.

      I’ll extend this colorful gesture for as long as I can keep up with production, unless and until I get a cease and desist.(But since I’m not actually selling anything, nor am I breaking a registered copyright, will that happen? I wonder?)

      Email me your t-shirt color, child or adult size and mailing address.

      This is going to be so so so GOOD!

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