i am (a poem by my teacher)

My children are my teachers. I am amazed and inspired by how they see and interact with in our world, and how they use language to interpret and express nature through words.

One day last year I was feeling a bit sorry for myself because I have not yet become a published author (outside of business arena). That very same pity-filled day, my daughter’s poem arrived in the mail published and bound in a beautiful REAL book: a collection of children’s poems.

Opening the package, I realized my daughter is a “published author” because it’s more important that I give my total presence and attention to my children and not spend outrageous time away from them, promoting myself to achieve this particular personal goal. As their mama, I have the responsibility and privilege to love, nurture, help and witness my children SHINING and support them as they discover things that bring them joy.

It is important for my daughter’s creations to be celebrated so she develops a healthy sense of herself and her creative prowess. To celebrate Mother’s Day, I am humbled to share her amazing 9-year-old words with you.

I am
by Twinkle  (written last year at age 9)

 I am a lion with a lot of crazy hair

I am a furry wild animal that is called a bear

I am a bird and a mother that is giving birth

I am what I am and I am…THE EARTH!!!


I am a tree and clear sweet air

I am your body and I am your hair

I am green grass and I am a flower

I am what I am and I am…   THE POWER!!!


I am the basil that grows everywhere

I am a table and I am a chair

I am the vines that have twisted and curled

I am what I am and I am … THE WORLD!!!

7 thoughts on “i am (a poem by my teacher)

  1. That is PROFOUND. Truly. Wisdom beyond her years. What a gift to share this with us. Thank you so much.

  2. “Total presence and attention to my children” ??? “Total?”
    Number One: Impossible.
    Number Two: Who are you?
    Number Three: They are watching an learning from you – “What does my mother do?” –
    How do your own interests teach and add to their lives?

    I notice that you’re a pretty terrific Mother anyway! Don’t give up your own dreams. Write!

    1. Thank you for your loving ideas, Joan. Gosh, I made myself seem a “total” saint. Hahah! Total Presence is a word combination I use to mean my “full attention”–of mind, body and spirit–undistracted. I try to commit time every day to “total presence” with my children. No, certainly NOT 24/7. You are so right, that is not humanly possible. I see so many things in our culture that pull at our energy and our attention span (i.e. media, tv, technology, uhhh, writing on my own web site, etc.). Total presence to me means completely tuning out of all that and completely tuning in to my children, no not all the time, but I have chosen to give them time that I could otherwise use to get published.

      I promise I will never give up my own dreams. I am blessed to be living them. My dreams are coming true, perhaps some more slowly than my ego would prefer. Sometimes I feel frustrated that I don’t have that 25th hour to dedicate to working on publishing my book(s). Most days I spend a little time in creative expression, like my art, my friendships, my writing, but Mothering through “total presence” is one of the most rewarding creative expressions I have ever known.

  3. And here is the introduction to YOUR book Becky. Just what you have written, and this glorious, life celebratory poem. It paints a picture, an affirmation, of all those days and nights you and your husband lavish upon your monkeys. You are truly blessed.

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