for the love of everything, the gift of nothing

more nothing_ becky jaine 2014

more nothing

the world needs

humans practicing
the loving art
of nothing.

sacrificing our human attention
gifting our presence as present
finding joy

(consciously in and out)
feeling hunger
embracing suffering
(and feeling deeply til its release)

sacred nothing.

let me completely open to nothing
nothing and its complex simplicity.

i shall look to the birds,
the rocks,
the water,
the petals … the trees,
to nature
and the wind
(where on earth doesn’t the wind blow?)

let me seek and find in stillness
through deep loving presence and listening

let me give over to wonder
–oh, the way the magnificent earth, she turns–

i start at me

one human in nothing
responding and giving my human power
–my gift to 7 billion humans–
my most loving healing gift to mother earth and all of her sacred residents

the gift of
my nothing.

from my heart to yours
becky jaine

5 thoughts on “for the love of everything, the gift of nothing

  1. Beautiful, is this already at ANG? If not, can I repost or will you? I can feel the awe & wonder of just BEing when I read this 🙂

    1. Dear FOS, Thank you for your kind words. I am humbled. Please you are welcome to share with our ANG friends, yes.

      To me this collection of words point to a truth that gifted me personal comfort and hope. Nothing–more than anything we can advocate for, protest against, believe in or doubt–Nothing is perhaps the most attainable/achievable effort we humans can align and agree upon. Wherever we are, whatever our circumstances, we have only to pause to access Nothing.

      If we create a space– hold an opening– for the pain and the joy of being human, instead of numbing-dumbing it with our incessant necessity to stay busy-significant-relevant-seen, (activity in avoidance of joy and pain) …. if we can open to Nothing, healing is possible for us humans and for our earth. I have to believe this. I reposted to remind myself, so I don’t lose hope.

  2. This is good, very good, Becky. FOS got me here from ANG and I’ve now shared from your FB to mine – “my friend’s awesome contemplations”. Fondly !!

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