Seattle Mindpebble #2

Seattle Mindpebble #2, in case you’d like to ponder and rub with me.

During my short stay I was surprised by so many things. The city is so large and edgy: Not only the buildings and the spread of the city but how everything seems scallop-edged against the water, and on the verge of something other than what you notice.

As I walked out of my beautiful hotel, I was struck by the amount of seemingly homeless people everywhere. People slumped with cans in paperbags, against the buildings. I could be wrong, as it was a visual judgment I made but I could sense that below the bubbly jovial flow of tourists ran an undercurrent of human suffering. I did not see tourists acknowledge or even notice these other people who literally were sleeping on the pavement in the early morning. People stepped around them.

I had only one woman ask me outright for money. She was deaf and with the little ASL I know I communicated with her. She was soaking wet and hungry, and had no money. Of course I gave to her as she gestured towards a fast-food chain.

It disturbed me to watch all of us humans and notice who people chose to make eye contact with, and who were completely ignored. It troubled me a lot. I know there are people in crisis everywhere in our country but my taking a few minutes of intentional presence to watch how we humans are with each other both troubled and inspired me. Troubled because it should! Inspired because it made me recognize that I need to become more observant and seek out ways to bless others some how.

This was the first photo I shot one morning: An abandoned handwritten sign that said “Homeless and disabled. Need money for bus.”

(When I took this photo I did not know that the end of this day would gift me great relief and grace for the hungry around my hotel. Pssttt…. will tell you more about this miracle in a coming pebble post.)

❤ becky

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One thought on “Seattle Mindpebble #2

  1. The Seattle WA/Vancouver BC area has warmer temps than our immediate eastern areas, we are a mecca for homeless westerners who can avoid freezing temps – until this past winter anyway.

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