currency of attention

from my journal, 2014
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Dear Ones, (Yes I feel like using proper punctuation and capitalization today.)

I want to get really personal here and talk about something I have never heard anyone talk about: shhhh, this is a big secret that mass media does not want us talking about or especially thinking about.

We each have been given an abundant currency the currency of where we place our attention. Our attention–or presence–is the one quality we humans are equally gifted with at birth. Of course we have varying abilities of how to express or experience our attention, but we all have it.
Very few of us use our attention currency to its fullest potential, and even fewer of us have actually contemplated where and how we spend it. We talk about where we have spent our money, often down to the penny… but the most valuable currency of all–our personal attention–we spend little if any awareness on (irony).
I will be the first to admit my recklessness.
I often squander my attention, flitting from one article that takes me to the next, flicking through television channels, opening random generic emails that have not been caringly sent from people writing to me. Yes, some things are very interesting, informative and entertaining, but more often than not–if I am being honest with myself–most things have been a waste of my precious time.
So today is a new day: I now pledge (to myself) to become a better guardian of my attention.
I’ve hacked into my own attention account and I have reset the default settings to places I intentionally choose. I choose my own personal attention settings, not what the world is pushing at me.

There are copious daily opportunities to feel and respond to the world from my home, to be more present for my children, to cultivate my personal joy, to feel and honor the sadnesses and griefs of the world, to write letters or make calls to people who can advocate for necessary changes–but ultimately where I place my attention determines the quality of my day and how hopeful or hopeless I feel.

How I spend my most precious currency–my attention–is up to me.

with so much love (and attention), for our joy, ❤
becky xo

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