The real meaning of Santa Claus

Dear Ones,

I’d like to share one last post filled with JOY for your heart, from mine… and well from Father Christmas himself.

I had the unique joy of landing the interview of a lifetime with Santa Claus, and he shares some sage wisdom with us about the real meaning behind his personification.

You can watch here. And while you’re there, please do subscribe to my channel. I only have a few more subscribers to go then I will earn my YouTube wings and get to name my channel. (Can you guess what it might be?)

I’m deeply grateful for your presence here on my personal web site, and thank you for being a safe space for me to share some of my ideas, writing and muse.

I wish you PB&J….. that’s peace, blessings and JOY…. and I also wish you abundance and love as we leave 2020 and adventure together towards greater understanding and meaning that must come in 2021.

with love and gratitude,
becky xoxo

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