one day (music video)

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Dear Hearts,

On Valentine’s Day 3,000 people of different religious faiths gathered to celebrate coexistence and sing Matisyahu’s prayerful song, One Day. This collaboration and video offers an incredible example of the power of community and song, combined with vision.
We can transcend our differences to cocreate one vision of peace, love and acceptance on Earth.

Starting inside my own heart, One Day can be today.  May it be so. 

All my life I´ve been waiting for
I´ve been praying for
For the people to say
That we don´t wanna fight no more
They´ll be no more wars
And our children will play
One day (one day), One day (one day) 

my love for our joy,
becky suzik

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our gifts (video)

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Hello Dearhearts!

Last year so many people cheered me on and backed my attendance at the Appalachian State Expressive Arts Therapy Institute, in North Carolina. Thank you so very much! Through your kindness and generosity –and my husband’s holding of the fort   — I was given time and space to deepen my own heART practice, to study Joanna Macy’s work Active Hope–among the many other en spirited offerings of the Institute.

Infused by my heARTfull mountain experience I wrote and gave a talk about our super powers. In this 7 minute excerpt I talk about the power of “Our Gifts” . I share this with the prayer that we each remember and discover the powerful gifts we have to live and give!

Because of you, I am.
becky suzik

Thank you to UU Peace Fellowship of Raleigh for the opportunity to share my heART in this talk. And I hold deep gratitude always to my many teachers including Joanna Macy and those attending and creating the Appalachian State Expressive Art Institute. 

water (oil?) is life

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Dear Ones,

In Raleigh, North Carolina yesterday, a couple hundred of us local Water Protectors went to steps of Wells Fargo building downtown, to peacefully share the message in English, Cherokee and Navajo: Water is Life. It felt good to stand physically–should to shoulder, heart to heart–with so many strangers who are committed to being a voice for those on the front line protecting the water, in ND. I have been shooting love canons through my site here and on Facebook, but to actually use my body felt powerful.

While our connections and stance felt good, it also felt very bad. I had to deal with my own hypocrisy and nausea: driving my fossil-fueled minivan there, and protesting and standing in front of a company that bought my house for my family, I owe mega bucks for my home mortgage. I strive to not contribute to the problems, but me– like practically EVERYONE– I am stuck in this system of our old story.

I felt sadness for the workers coming out. For some of them, today may have been the first time they heard about how their company was involved in funding DAPL.

I know in my heart and entire being, that we are ALL in this together. While Water IS Life, I know that most of us are bound by our dependencies to oil. It fuels our lifestyles, the way water fuels our bodies. While I believe this is the situation right now, I do NOT believe there is nothing that we can do about it.

I pray for greed, fear and the myth of separation to be washed away by love and sacred listening. I write about the injustice and plight in ND and the Sioux and perhaps ya’ll are perplexed by how an immigrant from England could care so much… but I do. If you ever want to talk about it, please reach out, don’t silently carry your curiosity… I am here to lovingly and peacefully share the situation and my heart. And in turn to listen to you.

I pray for us all, that we realize that ND represents every single duality of our America, from racism, elitism, greed, putting profit over people’s and Mama Earth’s health… and countless civil liberty violations. I pray for the new America to come peacefully now, and for intentional human suffering to end. I pray.

Thank you for reading and hearing me. And our Native aAmerican brothers and sisters say, Thank you for being.

knowing and believing a better new story is coming…

#NoDAPL #WaterIsLife #StandingWithStandingRock #MediaWhiteOut #wellsfargo

JOYFUeL, let’s activate our joy superpowers

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Dear Wonderful, Beautiful, Amazing and JOY-Deserving YOU,

I have a bit of an embarrassing confession … but I’m admitting this while simultaneously making a massive resolution, so love me anyway 😉

I have complained for years about how technology has “yet to be used for greater good.”  “The internet and social media are so consuming and superficial” I said (me all the while surfing, losing track of time on youtube, looking at cute kitty and doggy videos … click click clickety click. Woof. Like.)

I’ve written online about disconnecting from technology to be present with our kids, as presence is our greatest present to them. For 3 years I’ve offered personal reflections, poetry and muse, striving to create internet vitamin D for soul surfers here on this site.

I’ve used social media to help spread my thoughts and real-life offerings, but never dared to venture and create something interactive, collaborative and meaningful online. But  (yes, I’m using But as the first word in a sentence) I’m out of excuses. I’m breaking my patterns and some of my rules. I’m stepping forward and kicking it up a ME-sized notch and I’m hoping together we will co-create a meaningful experience online for JOY… with and FOR YOU! Technology for GOOD!

Since July, I’ve been daydreaming, creating and imagining …. a program to promote greater JOY for YOU … you who is reading this post. I’ve been designing a homestudy/homeplay course called JOYFUeL.

joyfuel dreaming july

JOYFUeL begins December 1st, 2014 and runs for 44 days through January 13th. So far it’s a few PDFs with self reflection prompts, a few videos with gentle creativity activities, and daily word art… some by me, and hopefully other contributions by other JOYFUeLers too.

JOYFUeL is a homestudy ecourse intended to activate greater JOY in our lives … to be done alone, with a friend or with children. We ALL need more joy, don’t you think?

Sign up is open now and will close November 30th. (No deadlines, except this one to register. No requirements, except an open heart and an email address.) Registration HERE.

Want to join me and co-create this wonder-filled JOYFUeL thingy? Oooooh, I soo hope so. (If not, that’s ok too.)

to JOY! (and to spreading LOVE and healing around the world)
❤ becky ❤

P.S.  JOYFUeL is offered in the spirit of the gift economy. This is my gift to YOU, in gratitude for the amazing journey I have been given! You can read a bit more about this here.

P.P.S Public Facebook page here Thank you for sharing!

P.P.P.S Register here

ubuntu, i am because you are

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Ubuntu, dear Earthling.

We are all connected … to each other, to the earth, to the universe, in and to this very present moment.

If you can, gift yourself a few minutes to watch this beautiful video from Global Oneness Project and discover the meanings of this powerful African word Ubuntu: compassion brought into colorful practice.