JOYFUeL, let’s activate our joy superpowers

Dear Wonderful, Beautiful, Amazing and JOY-Deserving YOU,

I have a bit of an embarrassing confession … but I’m admitting this while simultaneously making a massive resolution, so love me anyway 😉

I have complained for years about how technology has “yet to be used for greater good.”  “The internet and social media are so consuming and superficial” I said (me all the while surfing, losing track of time on youtube, looking at cute kitty and doggy videos … click click clickety click. Woof. Like.)

I’ve written online about disconnecting from technology to be present with our kids, as presence is our greatest present to them. For 3 years I’ve offered personal reflections, poetry and muse, striving to create internet vitamin D for soul surfers here on this site.

I’ve used social media to help spread my thoughts and real-life offerings, but never dared to venture and create something interactive, collaborative and meaningful online. But  (yes, I’m using But as the first word in a sentence) I’m out of excuses. I’m breaking my patterns and some of my rules. I’m stepping forward and kicking it up a ME-sized notch and I’m hoping together we will co-create a meaningful experience online for JOY… with and FOR YOU! Technology for GOOD!

Since July, I’ve been daydreaming, creating and imagining …. a program to promote greater JOY for YOU … you who is reading this post. I’ve been designing a homestudy/homeplay course called JOYFUeL.

joyfuel dreaming july

JOYFUeL begins December 1st, 2014 and runs for 44 days through January 13th. So far it’s a few PDFs with self reflection prompts, a few videos with gentle creativity activities, and daily word art… some by me, and hopefully other contributions by other JOYFUeLers too.

JOYFUeL is a homestudy ecourse intended to activate greater JOY in our lives … to be done alone, with a friend or with children. We ALL need more joy, don’t you think?

Sign up is open now and will close November 30th. (No deadlines, except this one to register. No requirements, except an open heart and an email address.) Registration HERE.

Want to join me and co-create this wonder-filled JOYFUeL thingy? Oooooh, I soo hope so. (If not, that’s ok too.)

to JOY! (and to spreading LOVE and healing around the world)
❤ becky ❤

P.S.  JOYFUeL is offered in the spirit of the gift economy. This is my gift to YOU, in gratitude for the amazing journey I have been given! You can read a bit more about this here.

P.P.S Public Facebook page here Thank you for sharing!

P.P.P.S Register here

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