sentient beeing (a photo, a poem, a moment)

beckyjaine buddha bee 2014 cc

sentient beeing
by becky jaine (witness, historian & histologist)

she was in my garden yesterday.
beauty bee.
i found her and realized she… she was barely moving at all.

bee present.
she remained upon the flower
clinging to the center of a magically scented and ever-sweet mandala.

she came and stayed, hanging onto otherly beauty and life
while she was losing her own.
bee sage.

pollen adorning her legs,
material proof of duty well done on her last day.

she strengthened her grip and grabbed hold of the floral stamen
enabling –allowing– me to witness and capture her few last living moments.

i wept (and still i weep now as i tell you)
i weep for her:
this unassuming humble non bumble
intentional pollinator sentient beeing.

blessed buddha bee.

4 thoughts on “sentient beeing (a photo, a poem, a moment)

  1. A lovely homage to such an essential part of life’s chain of bee-ing. What a relief that unlike your bee, most are becoming abundant again.

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