in the joyfuel locker room tonight

believe nature joyfuel 2014 2

dear mother father god,

let me use and give my life energy these next two months to heal and lift, nourish and love, honor and celebrate every being who joins this upcoming Inbox adventure called JOYFUeL. let words, stories, art, pictures, and moments be shared through me in a way that shines in love completely.

let me use my LIGHT to honor the splendor of life and the possibility for joy. let me honor my darkness in a way that allows me to be real, authentic and candid, and humorous would be good too.

help me let go of ego and of outcome. help me to know that whatever happens, i am giving love and love is what is needed most. help me to celebrate and marvel at how very vulnerable i feel.

show me the way to trust and let go. oh … and please please please help me lighten up.

let it be so. aho! amen. awomen. yes.

to human JOYFUeL!
❤ becky

4 thoughts on “in the joyfuel locker room tonight

  1. In reading this, I first thought about what a great experience one would have, being that light, sharing that LIGHT with others. But then I thought, who is it that would be enjoying that experience? Who’s LIGHT is that?

    We hear things all the time about giving being the most rewarding thing one can do, but I think it is rewarding in that it separates from that ego mentality. So, if I think I will give because of the reward experience, am I really giving?

    The LIGHT is the reward, and it’s incredible. But as soon as I might feel good about “my” self for having done so, I seem to back at square one.

    Is this making any sense? I’m not sure. Hahaha

  2. You made me smile, Dylan. Yes I understand you. The LIGHT indeed is the reward, and reward enough for simply being present and here having our human experience. I wrestle with ego and doing things for the good of doing them, and find I’m constantly in similar game as you. I — like you– are simply and miraculously human, so this is to be expected. 🙂 Thanks so much for sharing your thoughtful thoughts.Isn’t it wonderful to be this dilemma?!

  3. I think that doing good for others is a positive. If you feel good about yourself for doing it, it’s just gravy, so long as it doesn’t become that primary reason for your good action. We’re meant to love ourselves, too, and doing good is a reason for that love.

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