one day (music video)

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Dear Hearts,

On Valentine’s Day 3,000 people of different religious faiths gathered to celebrate coexistence and sing Matisyahu’s prayerful song, One Day. This collaboration and video offers an incredible example of the power of community and song, combined with vision.
We can transcend our differences to cocreate one vision of peace, love and acceptance on Earth.

Starting inside my own heart, One Day can be today.  May it be so. 

All my life I´ve been waiting for
I´ve been praying for
For the people to say
That we don´t wanna fight no more
They´ll be no more wars
And our children will play
One day (one day), One day (one day) 

my love for our joy,
becky suzik

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my driving questions

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dear ones,

Last week at a glance… in case you are interested to know… I spent a week at the Appalachian State Expressive Art Institute in the Blue Ridge Mountains, learning about creativity and play from some great teachers. Thoughts are bubbling up, so I wanted to share…..

My mind was overflowing with one-hundred-and-one stories: those of my easy-to-love loved ones, and stories of those I want and need to learn to love.

I drove myself up the mountain–a labyrinth-like-road–giggling to myself about the nervy, curvy road bends, and frightening myself with a few what-ifs.

I arrived at the top alone and unknown to join a group of 40+–each human offering a new-to-me-story that somehow now entwines with my own.

I stepped out of my life–up into the stratosphere–to focus on my own story, deepening my experience with and for the sacred work I feel a responsibility to.

Creativity and joy activism–what on Earth do these mean? What is possible for me to create and support and be connected to? What feels impossible, yet necessary? How can I serve with greater urgency, tenderness and love?

After four days carrying these focused questions in my heart and awareness, my body and spirit blown upon by the four directions… the answer?

Mmmm…. I still do not fully know. But whatever I am part of, I intend to remember to PLAY through to finding the answers and solutions our world so deservedly needs.

GROWN-UP PLAY is one of the most important things us grown ups can do for ourselves, for our children and for Mama Earth. Play is made of different energies than the problems we are facing right now… so let’s play, shall we?! When was the last time you played, dear one? If it’s been too long, be gentle with yourself. Perhaps start with a bottle of bubbles–a gateway joy device–an essential tool in the JOYFUeL playkit.

Wishing you love and a LOT of play, too!


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what am i willing to die for?

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When I think about the water protectors and the sacred work they are doing to protect the land and river and our future humans, I am inspired yet simultaneously perplexed by their willingness to die for this cause. These incredible humans are willing to be present in body, mind and spirit in prayer and peace knowing well they may be harmed by rubber bullets, concussion granades and other various human-made intentional suffering devices. They are willing to face arrest and to be crated in dog cages, to suffer and potentially die at the hands of a system and–let me remind myself–at the hands of OTHER HUMANS: A system and humans that not only devalues, disrespects and disregards their beliefs and basic needs, but intentionally inflicts horrific suffering upon them, to try to stop them.

The now thousands of mostly peaceful people in North Dakota–men, women, and children–these humans are prepared to die to stop the rape, monetization and exploitation of Mother Earth, willing to let their lives end in the name of ending the DAPL and our collective addiction to oil.

(I find it funny but not ironic that wordpress and facebook thinks monetization is misspelled, but at least it suggests “demonetization”… that is something!)

I am so grateful for their known suffering and–coincidental intentional prayerful–optimism. (I pray for the suffering to stop.) I honor our brothers and sisters in North Dakota–and all around the world–us humans who are done with the old story. Those of us who are willing to go with less of our physical desires met. I honor this complicated time we are living between stories; old story of greed and take and oppression and separateness, and the possibility of new story of sharing, giving and celebrating each other for all our unique expressions of humanity, and unity.

I don’t have answers but I am willing to go with much less (and endure intentional suffering) so my grandchildren can have enough.

I am ready to use human intention and creativity to bring in the NEW story. I want to serve (and listen, learn and love) however I can.

The Water Protectors’ tenacity, courage and conviction leads me to ask myself–and perhaps you too–: What am I willing to die for? What do I believe in so much that I would risk making my children motherless?

Perhaps until I can fully answer these questions, I am not truly living or fully alive?!


just thinking and questioning with you. with all my ❤

from powerless to lovefull

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dear ones,

I have reached boiling– well breaking point, if I am honest. Past few days have been really rough and emotional. One foot in front of the other. I have felt so powerless.

But then I remembered loving go to words… “How can I be love in this moment?”

I’ve spent much thought to planning THIS week because I AM NOT powerless. I have a voice. I have a heart. I am creative. I have hands to reduce suffering. I matter, just like YOU do! I can do things that exemplify living democracy in my own life.

So here is my plan…
1. I plan to pray. Not for any outcome specific, but for love to rule, to protect and save us humans from ourselves.
2. I plan to cry to express the sadness in my heart, mind and body, around the injustices in North Dakota and though out our country–racial discrimination AND prioritization of money over human beings and water safety. Cry, cry cry it out, like a human hydrant flushing.
3. Celebrate Halloween with my incredible family and friends.
4. Call these numbers to try stop hurting our Native American Brothers and Sisters, to remind them of the Treaty of 1851 which issues full rights of ownership of land to Sioux. North Dakota Governor’s office: 701-328-2200 ; Morton County Sheriffs office 701-667-3330 ; the White House 202-456-1111.
5. Use hashtags (new to me) in all my NoDAPL posts to remind MSM (mainstream media) to cover both sides of the issue, with intensity and caliber this URGENT situation requires.
6. Vote for President.
7. Love and hug on my children as much as possible.
8. Make something beautiful and something extra delicious,
9. Do something kind for someone.
10. Respectfully listen to people whose opinions I do not understand.
11. Find more ways I can be of service to love.

That’s my plan. To take me from Powerless to Lovefull….. What is YOURS dear friends?I’d love to know.

Thank you for reading and sharing. I love you and I’m grateful we are alive right now, that WE are the ones who get to change and remake this incredible world of ours, now… together.

love always, love…
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