labyrinth walk for joy

☀️💜🙃 Solstice Blessings Joyfuellers!

Today marked the Summer Solstice for half of us on Earth (and Winter Solstice for the other half) so I decided to make a special video to honor you. Here is video to the Labyrinth walk made especially for YOU, your presence and your JOY. Click below for the full ahhhhhhh, to learn all about labyrinths and walk in and out of the Chartres 11 Labyrinth together with me for mindfulness, presence and joy. EnJOY.

thank you for being here… on my web site and on earth. You are a gift and a blessing.


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One thought on “labyrinth walk for joy

  1. Hi Becky,

    It was nice to receive your email early this morning and walk with you the “labyrinth”…..a nice and easy one. Life is a lot more complicated labyrinth, but always with a beginning and an end. No matter how complicated they may be, labyrinths are always part of us and teach us how to meditate, with time and patience, and enjoy life. Thank for sharing your inspirations.

    I hope you and your family are in good health and enjoying the summer.


    Guillermo Sent from my iPhone


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