from powerless to lovefull


dear ones,

I have reached boiling– well breaking point, if I am honest. Past few days have been really rough and emotional. One foot in front of the other. I have felt so powerless.

But then I remembered loving go to words… “How can I be love in this moment?”

I’ve spent much thought to planning THIS week because I AM NOT powerless. I have a voice. I have a heart. I am creative. I have hands to reduce suffering. I matter, just like YOU do! I can do things that exemplify living democracy in my own life.

So here is my plan…
1. I plan to pray. Not for any outcome specific, but for love to rule, to protect and save us humans from ourselves.
2. I plan to cry to express the sadness in my heart, mind and body, around the injustices in North Dakota and though out our country–racial discrimination AND prioritization of money over human beings and water safety. Cry, cry cry it out, like a human hydrant flushing.
3. Celebrate Halloween with my incredible family and friends.
4. Call these numbers to try stop hurting our Native American Brothers and Sisters, to remind them of the Treaty of 1851 which issues full rights of ownership of land to Sioux. North Dakota Governor’s office: 701-328-2200 ; Morton County Sheriffs office 701-667-3330 ; the White House 202-456-1111.
5. Use hashtags (new to me) in all my NoDAPL posts to remind MSM (mainstream media) to cover both sides of the issue, with intensity and caliber this URGENT situation requires.
6. Vote for President.
7. Love and hug on my children as much as possible.
8. Make something beautiful and something extra delicious,
9. Do something kind for someone.
10. Respectfully listen to people whose opinions I do not understand.
11. Find more ways I can be of service to love.

That’s my plan. To take me from Powerless to Lovefull….. What is YOURS dear friends?I’d love to know.

Thank you for reading and sharing. I love you and I’m grateful we are alive right now, that WE are the ones who get to change and remake this incredible world of ours, now… together.

love always, love…
#nodapl #mediawhiteout #abcnews #cbsnews #waterislife

2 thoughts on “from powerless to lovefull

  1. Why o why, what o what, when o when, too many questions. You are not the only one at a boiling point, Darling Dear!
    Sending love back to you, thanks for the list! Gail in Idaho

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