what am i willing to die for?


When I think about the water protectors and the sacred work they are doing to protect the land and river and our future humans, I am inspired yet simultaneously perplexed by their willingness to die for this cause. These incredible humans are willing to be present in body, mind and spirit in prayer and peace knowing well they may be harmed by rubber bullets, concussion granades and other various human-made intentional suffering devices. They are willing to face arrest and to be crated in dog cages, to suffer and potentially die at the hands of a system and–let me remind myself–at the hands of OTHER HUMANS: A system and humans that not only devalues, disrespects and disregards their beliefs and basic needs, but intentionally inflicts horrific suffering upon them, to try to stop them.

The now thousands of mostly peaceful people in North Dakota–men, women, and children–these humans are prepared to die to stop the rape, monetization and exploitation of Mother Earth, willing to let their lives end in the name of ending the DAPL and our collective addiction to oil.

(I find it funny but not ironic that wordpress and facebook thinks monetization is misspelled, but at least it suggests “demonetization”… that is something!)

I am so grateful for their known suffering and–coincidental intentional prayerful–optimism. (I pray for the suffering to stop.) I honor our brothers and sisters in North Dakota–and all around the world–us humans who are done with the old story. Those of us who are willing to go with less of our physical desires met. I honor this complicated time we are living between stories; old story of greed and take and oppression and separateness, and the possibility of new story of sharing, giving and celebrating each other for all our unique expressions of humanity, and unity.

I don’t have answers but I am willing to go with much less (and endure intentional suffering) so my grandchildren can have enough.

I am ready to use human intention and creativity to bring in the NEW story. I want to serve (and listen, learn and love) however I can.

The Water Protectors’ tenacity, courage and conviction leads me to ask myself–and perhaps you too–: What am I willing to die for? What do I believe in so much that I would risk making my children motherless?

Perhaps until I can fully answer these questions, I am not truly living or fully alive?!


just thinking and questioning with you. with all my ❤

6 thoughts on “what am i willing to die for?

  1. Beautiful and powerful message, the dehumanizing supported by our tax dollars is not-not tolerable, we all feel the injustice. It couldn’t be a bigger story. Thank you for putting this in bold terms, Becky. Well done. I am lighting candles and burning the smudge every day to send up my prayers. OOXX

  2. That’s funny, demonetization. Your questions you pose at the end are a worthy way to spend these days taking them seriously and igniting our souls/life purposes. Great post and blessings to the water protectors and to all people who have to fight for their voices to be heard and respected.

  3. Boy oh boy, big question! To see a sudden problem & risk life to act upon it, is one thing. To consciously prepare & go Stand up for something you believe in – a whole other story. Much of what threatens us is not immediately visible in my “own space”; the First Nations are defending their own land/water, and by extension all our land/water. Much bravery, we all need to Stand but many don’t have that courage – including me.

    1. I’m deeply thinking about what you wrote FOS. The Native Americans I know have been caretakers for the earth since birth, and a life/death commitment has been nurtured and supported in them to this moment. The Joy I have witnessed in so many people on the Frontline in North Dakota, has touched me deeply. I want to explore and push the edges of my own courage. While I am not prepared to die over this issue (at least not right now) just the act of holding a question about what I could or would die for, has been a powerful thing to contemplate.

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