mountain of hope

mlk-hope-beckyjaine2016With this faith we will be able to hew out of the mountain of despair a stone of hope … —Martin Luther King, Jr.

dear hearts,

On this Dr. Martin Luther King’s day I have a gift for anyone who would like to receive it. I thought about things I have made in the last year and perhaps this creation could somehow be in service towards Dr. King’s vision for all of us truly living together as brothers and sisters.
If you are perplexed, exhausted or stressed out by the inequity and injustice that our world’s current monetary system is propagating, perhaps you would enjoy hearing from the thought leaders lovingly curated and shared in this collection.
Last year I created a web site intending to deepen our relationship with our gifts –energy, time, attention, things and money– and our connection to our world. This series offers material from my 7-year-long investigation into my gifts and expression of them, and ultimately offers many of the thought leaders that contributed to healing my own painful relationship with money. I originally created this site as a gift for a beautiful group of friends all over our world, who believe–as I do–those of us alive right now are part of writing our Earth’s New Story.
It’s called the Gift Ecology Circle and offers a go-at-your-own-pace curriculum of essays, interviews, videos and journaling/homework assignments intending an understanding of the spectrum of Gift Economy or Ecology: Ideas and muse to get us thinking more imaginatively about our economy and the way we use our personal human currency (aka energy), and using money and energy as an expression of connection and love, and not transaction.
If–as you are experiencing the content–you would like to share your thoughts or ideas with me, I’d love to hear them! If there are a few of us, we can find a way for private sharing to connect us.
Thank you for being alive at this most energized time in human history. I<3 you.
 Happy Birthday to one of my greatest teachers, Dr. King.
with all my heart,

joy for all and all for joy

❤ Dear Soul Shiners ❤ ,

Last year I dedicated a ton of my life, time, energy, love and passion (not bragging but sharing my reality–twas like 1000 hours) to create a homeplay adventure infused with art, photography, videos, audios & workbooks. It is called JOYFUeL.

Ya’ll just about blew my MIND with your joining, sharing and supporting this adventure, an experience intending to greater activate our JOY. I was so moved by our experience that afterwards it felt good and maybe somehow important, that I offer it again: This time round much better organized and with mucho more JOY!

I’m honored, blessed and superDEEEEEEEduper excited to announce the JOYFUEL web site. Tahhhh DAHHHHHH!  You are invited to check out the site and join with me again in this adventure into our JOY. We will begin on October 9th and go for 44 days … all for JOY and JOY for ALL! I promise it will offer new goodies like interviews, videos and other surprises, all intended to support you on your journey to be a better guardian of your own JOY. And the good news is that it’s NOT big holiday season, so hopefully those of you who weren’t able to spend as much time as you may have wanted to, will be able to go CRAZY JOYFUL this time and play, going deeper into exploration of your JOY health.

joy afoot joyfuel 2015

Please join me in raising our vibrations, and in activation of our JOY together. (Oooooooh and if you have kiddos, it’s great to do with your children, as they need support as they navigate this way noisy world, that often muddles and depresses our joy.)

with my ❤ for your JOY,
❤ becky jaine ❤

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JOYFUeL, let’s activate our joy superpowers

Dear Wonderful, Beautiful, Amazing and JOY-Deserving YOU,

I have a bit of an embarrassing confession … but I’m admitting this while simultaneously making a massive resolution, so love me anyway 😉

I have complained for years about how technology has “yet to be used for greater good.”  “The internet and social media are so consuming and superficial” I said (me all the while surfing, losing track of time on youtube, looking at cute kitty and doggy videos … click click clickety click. Woof. Like.)

I’ve written online about disconnecting from technology to be present with our kids, as presence is our greatest present to them. For 3 years I’ve offered personal reflections, poetry and muse, striving to create internet vitamin D for soul surfers here on this site.

I’ve used social media to help spread my thoughts and real-life offerings, but never dared to venture and create something interactive, collaborative and meaningful online. But  (yes, I’m using But as the first word in a sentence) I’m out of excuses. I’m breaking my patterns and some of my rules. I’m stepping forward and kicking it up a ME-sized notch and I’m hoping together we will co-create a meaningful experience online for JOY… with and FOR YOU! Technology for GOOD!

Since July, I’ve been daydreaming, creating and imagining …. a program to promote greater JOY for YOU … you who is reading this post. I’ve been designing a homestudy/homeplay course called JOYFUeL.

joyfuel dreaming july

JOYFUeL begins December 1st, 2014 and runs for 44 days through January 13th. So far it’s a few PDFs with self reflection prompts, a few videos with gentle creativity activities, and daily word art… some by me, and hopefully other contributions by other JOYFUeLers too.

JOYFUeL is a homestudy ecourse intended to activate greater JOY in our lives … to be done alone, with a friend or with children. We ALL need more joy, don’t you think?

Sign up is open now and will close November 30th. (No deadlines, except this one to register. No requirements, except an open heart and an email address.) Registration HERE.

Want to join me and co-create this wonder-filled JOYFUeL thingy? Oooooh, I soo hope so. (If not, that’s ok too.)

to JOY! (and to spreading LOVE and healing around the world)
❤ becky ❤

P.S.  JOYFUeL is offered in the spirit of the gift economy. This is my gift to YOU, in gratitude for the amazing journey I have been given! You can read a bit more about this here.

P.P.S Public Facebook page here Thank you for sharing!

P.P.P.S Register here

blessing scrolls (kindness tutorial and printable quotes)

This idea is inspired especially by the healing journeys of
my mother–Jane, my father–Paul,
my brother-in-love–Kevin, & my friends–Paula, Lee Anne,Stephanie, Larry & Cecilia.
It is dedicated to human courage and love;
to people seeking strength and healing;
and to YOU for the power you have to use your time and energy in acts of KINDNESS
and H

Every day–in a place probably not too far from where you are right now– people are struggling, fighting, hurting, hoping, praying. People in your community are getting news and taking medicine that is hard to handle … hard to take. They are needing to find–to make–the strength and courage they need to believe that healing is possible and that it will be coming their way, soon.

Some of these people are alone. Some may have a strong supportive group of friends and family around them. Regardless, ALL could benefit from knowing that a “stranger” cares about them, and is honoring them and their journeys through a simple act of kindness.

Consider making this KINDNESS project alone or with some of your friends and/or your family, and then sharing your creations with your area cancer treatment healing places, hospital waiting rooms, or anywhere you think some inspiration is needed. You are invited to leave a comment below sharing how and where you will be gifting your scrolls.

1. Here is a link to a very simple downloadable TUTORIAL (one page) to make and distribute Gems of Love: beautiful paper blessing scrolls, each containing a powerful quote or prayer intended to raises and celebrate the person who opens it. No art or craft experience is necessary … and kiddos enjoy this too! (Right click to download or click image to open PDF now.)

gems of love bowl web

2. And here is the link to a collection of beautiful QUOTES (10-page PDF) to use with the tutorial.(Right click to download or click image to open PDF now.)

gems of love scissors 2014 web

3. Leave blessing scrolls for a special gift of encouragement for a beautiful stranger. (I like to think that each message finds the person it is intended for.)

4. Leave a comment below and share how and where you will gift your scrolls.

LET’S use our power in KINDNESS!

to kindness
becky jaine

Please share and SHINE!

the yins and yangs of marketing (an introspection on a new way to market)

(The following is a personal essay inspired by a conversation I had with a friend about developing a new ethical version of marketing for my sacred business. (thank you Theresa 🙂 This concept is still very much a work in progress for me, but it is a start and something I can do to with greater awareness, avoiding exploitative tactics.)

the yins and yangs of marketing
by becky jaine

I spent nearly 20 years making a living working in marketing and public relations–crafting words, messaging and images to evoke emotions in people to take actions around the products and services I worked for. It was my job. As a lover of words,(not to brag) but I was quite good at it.

Five years ago I took a radical sabbatical. For many reasons I left my career to be fully present as a mother, to raise my husband’s and my three children. He and I made a conscious decision to reduce our financial expenditures on things like restaurants, expensive grocery food, new clothes, extra shoes, paid entertainment, Christmas presents for each other, and fancy vacations involving planes and hotels, instead to invest that time and would-be money into our children. It has not been easy, but it is a decision both he and I committed to.

Motherhood has been the most challenging and rewarding experience I have ever known. As my children got older, I asked myself how I’d like to contribute to the world, outside of being a mother, and how I could make a difference in the lives of people in my immediate community, using my passions, gifts and talents and my experience. I knew eventually I would return to working outside my home, but I wasn’t sure in what capacity. I knew –however– I was no longer passionate about marketing.

When my son was 1, I began co-creating a women’s circle in my city. Women came and were validated and nourished by the time we all spent together and the activities we chose to do, many times creating positive ripple effects around us.

Last year I began offering special small group retreats for women, intended to inspire women to take better care of their spirits and perhaps to rekindle their individual passions and gifts. To create this experience I listened to my heart and also drew from my years of event planning.

I also began offering programs for middle-school aged girls in my community, offering a special time and place to honor their creativity, kindness, and for the girls to talk and listen to each other and validate their feelings and opinions. This draws on my passion for creativity and belief in kindness.

These three adventures/ventures have become my work … my job–well, in addition to my responsibilities to my family. These passions have become the way I will give and receive and now hopefully to financially support my family.

The work I do now has become my sacred business. I didn’t find it, the work truly found me. After years and years of making my own path, I paused long enough to let the path find me, and I am so grateful to my husband for everything he has done to allow this to blossom and to unfold.

Because I know how to market the heck out of something, I feel a great responsibility to ethically promote my work, without exploitative tactics or ploys. I haven’t done anything intentionally to evoke media response, or to attract people by exploiting their emotions. Instead, I choose to focus on sharing my intentions with my work, one person at a time. It may mean fewer people come, and that’s ok. In time–if what I am doing is truly needed and valued in my community–my work will grow and continue to blossom and hopefully support, celebrate and nourish many more people.

For the past year–to help heal my wonky immune system–I have gone to Chinese acupuncturist. He and I have had some really interesting conversations about marketing. He has taught me about Chinese theory of Yin and Yang and he even told me about one of his teachers marketing their business in a Yin manner. This notion piqued my curiosity because Yin Marketing seems counter culture, but –to me– YIN marketing feels more ethical.

According to a Chinese theory there are two forces in the universe: yin is the passive, negative force, and yang the active, positive force. The American Heritage Dictionary says about yin and yang that wise people will detect these forces in the seasons, in their food, and so on, and will regulate their lives accordingly.

Considering this theory in marketing, it appears most marketing is driven by Yang principles: Messages are created that tout the benefits, augmenting the thing or feeling that appears to be lacking that can only be resolved if the product or service is purchased.

Yang is can be dominating, demanding, exposing, forthright. Yang can propagate or exploit feelings of lack. It can create vulnerability. Yang marketing can make people feel inadequate unless they buy something.

For my sacred business, instead of using what I knew–what I’ve come to see as Yang marketing– I have gone about it in a different way … intentionally choosing to focus on what I care about and what I can do, one person at a time, through my work.

To me, this is Yin marketing. Yin can be nourishing, replenishing, responsive. Yin believes in abundance. Yin is not aggressive or noisy.

Yin OR Yang marketing may each inspire people to take an action–like registered for a program or buying a product–but the intention behind each is slightly different.

My intention through Yin marketing my sacred business is to attract to me those who I can support– not necessarily to fill all my openings. As I learn about the subtleties of Yin marketing, I know I have to work on growing my faith. I have to trust that through YIN marketing, magic will happen outside the actions I take … that if my work is truly needed and valued that I will be supported and sustained.

I have to believe that maybe me and my hubby will one day be able to afford a real take out pizza again.

What do you think about the Yins and Yangs of Marketing?