corona and karuna

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dear one,

when i started making art again and writing for my web site here i had to choose a name. i wanted a name to represent me differently, to remind me of the importance of owning how my posts might potentially ripple out into the world.

one way of describing Jainism is as a religion and belief system based on self awareness of how one’s own actions might create the least amount of suffering.

(some Jainists gently brush the ground before taking a physical step, lest they step and harm an insect beneath their foot.)

i chose beckyjaine as my artist name and name for this web site, to remind myself of how word choice might be steered towards kindness and love–a private aspiration for my words and posts to be of service to something more than expression.

in Jainism there is a Sanskrit word Karuṇā with means compassion and self compassion.

there are so many images of our earth in public consciousness right now. the one that might be most harrowing is the world map showing the rapid spread of the Covid-19 cases, representing the humans suffering and dying because of it.

and yet when I see the Corona maps I also see something else the map represents: Karuṇā. i see all the hearts and hands taking unprecedented massive actions towards love and compassion.

as I see this image on the internet and on television, i am mindful to honor the sadness of loss and suffering of human lives. i also hold gratitude and love for the people who are doing things to reduce unnecessary suffering, for compassion.

literally billions of us humans are responding in kindness and love, in Karuṇā–choosing actions placing the needs of others ahead of individual wants; and also placing the needs of others above our own needs.

yesterday i had a video call with the children at my church. there we were looking at each other in a completely different way, not in the youth room at our church, but now video conferencing from our homes. the children taught me how to turn my video upside down. so there we were, not only meeting each other in an unusual way, but actually looking at each other upside down, a safe physical distance from each other, together looking at the world in a different way.

the children got me thinking about the power of images, specifically how the Covid map might be made into a work of heART to perhaps convey a deeper message of human connection and hope.

so here i am sharing an image i played hoping these ideas might be a blessing, and create a positive ripple in our hurting world.

in love and karuna, i believe in you. i believe in us.
❤ becky jaine suzik

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