joy for all and all for joy

❤ Dear Soul Shiners ❤ ,

Last year I dedicated a ton of my life, time, energy, love and passion (not bragging but sharing my reality–twas like 1000 hours) to create a homeplay adventure infused with art, photography, videos, audios & workbooks. It is called JOYFUeL.

Ya’ll just about blew my MIND with your joining, sharing and supporting this adventure, an experience intending to greater activate our JOY. I was so moved by our experience that afterwards it felt good and maybe somehow important, that I offer it again: This time round much better organized and with mucho more JOY!

I’m honored, blessed and superDEEEEEEEduper excited to announce the JOYFUEL web site. Tahhhh DAHHHHHH!  You are invited to check out the site and join with me again in this adventure into our JOY. We will begin on October 9th and go for 44 days … all for JOY and JOY for ALL! I promise it will offer new goodies like interviews, videos and other surprises, all intended to support you on your journey to be a better guardian of your own JOY. And the good news is that it’s NOT big holiday season, so hopefully those of you who weren’t able to spend as much time as you may have wanted to, will be able to go CRAZY JOYFUL this time and play, going deeper into exploration of your JOY health.

joy afoot joyfuel 2015

Please join me in raising our vibrations, and in activation of our JOY together. (Oooooooh and if you have kiddos, it’s great to do with your children, as they need support as they navigate this way noisy world, that often muddles and depresses our joy.)

with my ❤ for your JOY,
❤ becky jaine ❤

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earthly human day

jacob needleman earthday 2015

Dear Humans,

I went for a walk with my great shamanic teacher this week, Jackson Joyful, the sacred Labradoofus and supreme state inducer!

We walked a little and then found our favorite spot in our forest, our meditation rock at the stream.

jj 2015 joyfuel

Inspired by my recent reading of philosopher Jacob Needleman, being here reminded of the great lesson I have yet still to learn: to stay in one place a little longer. Be present and open to the moment, to slow down and not rush out of presence, not to force my way back into the seeming importance of the “requirements” of my life.

We lingered … a little longer.

soul sunshine 2015 becky jaine

As we got up to leave our spot, I suddenly became still–painfully so–and allowed the moment to be. Perhaps two human minutes of standing… dropping human expectation and allowing, a group of songbirds flew down and landed in the trees in front of us. Cardinals, bluebirds, bluejays; all traveling in pairs, and surprisingly mixed breeds flying together. And then–as my breath and attention slowed even further–a pair of Cowbirds touched down.

Be still…. Cowbird is yet another one of my great teachers.

My dear friend the Cowbird–who I endearingly named MeMe– reminded me that my life is not only about or for me. When he came last summer, my human interpretation was that he seemed to fall in love with his own reflection such that he wasted the spring and never found a mate.

Well, at last, I witness a pair of Cowbirds, tweetly meet meeting each other, seeming to laugh and cajole as they courted and played together in the tree tops above us.

As we stood there, tears streamed down my face. In awe of the birds, I was relieved that my bird-dog was as captivated as I was. So enthralled, he didn’t chase them and …  I didn’t feel the need to photograph them. We simply stood there, not waiting for anything specific, and let the magic of nature and the moment reveal.

Come to the woods with us…

wildflowers 2015 becky jaine

woods 2015 joyfuel

I wish you nature and beauty. I pray for your deep earthly human love this 45th Earth Day, and always. Mother Earth needs you. She needs us. What can we do to respectfully celebrate our love for Earth today? For me, I hope to linger a little longer… to be conscious and be grateful.

jacob needleman earthday 2015

my prayer for your joy

❤ (◠‿◠) ☼ a prayer for all 7 billion + humans, to elevate JOY, healing, self and otherly love, and peace on earth.

In the tradition of our Native American brothers and sisters, sage is burned to release blockades to  JOY, and sweetgrass to attract all that serves us.

To gift forward in the spirit of Joyfuel, consider how you can use your energy and your gifts/talents to bring about greater JOY and KINDNESS in the world. comment below and share.

my gratitude to Sirgun Kaur for her permission to include her song, Bliss (I am the Light of my Soul) with Sat Darshan Singh, featuring Yogi Bhajan’s mantra.

and I am grateful to YOU for witnessing this prayer.

❤ ☼ Joyfuel was offered in December 2014 to mid January 2015, as a homeplay ecourse –in gratitude for my life and the healing journey I’ve been on the past 8 years. If this work is meaningful, I aspire to find a publisher to advocate for–and activate–greater JOY in our world. ☼ ❤

♥ use and share this video however it honors love and joy ♥

to JOY!
with my love, becky jaine

Joyfuel is dedicated to YOU and the possibility of greater human joy, self and otherly love and healing.

aho mitakuye oyasin
we are ALL connected

WE are miracles
upon this abundant and
ever-changing Earth

YOU are a gift

our lives are precious

we deserve JOY

may we each become
guardians for our own
-and each other’s-

may we let go of fear
and move towards

may we reduce
suffering on earth

may we evolve to
and realign with
the Earth

…to live and let live

to give and receive

in harmony

we are ALL connected
aho mitakuye oyasin’