my prayer for your joy

❤ (◠‿◠) ☼ a prayer for all 7 billion + humans, to elevate JOY, healing, self and otherly love, and peace on earth.

In the tradition of our Native American brothers and sisters, sage is burned to release blockades to  JOY, and sweetgrass to attract all that serves us.

To gift forward in the spirit of Joyfuel, consider how you can use your energy and your gifts/talents to bring about greater JOY and KINDNESS in the world. comment below and share.

my gratitude to Sirgun Kaur for her permission to include her song, Bliss (I am the Light of my Soul) with Sat Darshan Singh, featuring Yogi Bhajan’s mantra.

and I am grateful to YOU for witnessing this prayer.

❤ ☼ Joyfuel was offered in December 2014 to mid January 2015, as a homeplay ecourse –in gratitude for my life and the healing journey I’ve been on the past 8 years. If this work is meaningful, I aspire to find a publisher to advocate for–and activate–greater JOY in our world. ☼ ❤

♥ use and share this video however it honors love and joy ♥

to JOY!
with my love, becky jaine

Joyfuel is dedicated to YOU and the possibility of greater human joy, self and otherly love and healing.

aho mitakuye oyasin
we are ALL connected

WE are miracles
upon this abundant and
ever-changing Earth

YOU are a gift

our lives are precious

we deserve JOY

may we each become
guardians for our own
-and each other’s-

may we let go of fear
and move towards

may we reduce
suffering on earth

may we evolve to
and realign with
the Earth

…to live and let live

to give and receive

in harmony

we are ALL connected
aho mitakuye oyasin’

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