We all should make time for random acts of silliness (a story and funny video)

This video was shared as part of a sermon at church today.  (I’m blessed to go to a progressive liberal fun church!) I laughed myself to tears, reminding me of the importance of random acts of silliness and play.

What is the silliest thing you’ve experienced in public lately? Uhh, I’ll share mine: an accidental moment of hilarity, shared with a stranger seated in a car next to me.

A couple weeks ago I was taking my children swimming and thought I’d grab my son’s pajamas for a quick change after getting out of the pool, to save time and get him ready for bed before arriving home. On the way TO the pool, I noticed his jammies on the front seat. They were inside out. Stopped at a light, I grabbed what I thought were PJ bottoms started to turn them right side out, and held them up in front of my face to discover they were my husband’s underwear. My jaw dropped and I noticed the woman in the car next to me laughing hysterically.  She had witnessed me holding underwear right in front of my face … above my steering wheel. I began laughing and rolled down my window and explained that I thought they were my son’s PJs and she and I–strangers– shared an intense  moment of silliness and related to each other’s plight of having kids and trying to be one step ahead.

Enjoy Charlie Todd’s ideas from this TED talk and please share/comments any ideas for random acts of play and silliness …

2 thoughts on “We all should make time for random acts of silliness (a story and funny video)

    1. Thanks Chris, I’m not sure why as it works for me on a couple different browsers. I’ve added another embedded link so it may now appear twice. Thanks so much for letting me know AND for visiting my site.

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