thankful for another (poem)

thankful for another
driving the wrong way on a one way street
two cars
actuating sudden shocking urgency

up onto the curb discovering the way

car spins round
correcting the error
(as if i hadn’t done a thing wrong!)

the smell of
and burning rubber
fills attention.

deep remorse
and love
for the family
by my

still here (check)
here and another now (check)
carry on
beautiful intentional journey.

heart pounds
gratitude bounds

thankful for another day
to remember the gift of life
and the day after
the chance to take life for granted.

ɛïɜ becky jaine ɛïɜ

3 thoughts on “thankful for another (poem)

  1. True story poem!? Wow I have a website to direct your friend to which may be helpful in finding better care for joe.


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