random acts of balloons (shhhh this is a secret)

random acts balloons becky jaine 2014 jpgCan you keep a secret? Mmmm, NO??? Well, if you can’t, stop reading.

YES??? OK, then keep reading and know you are now officially dubbed an accomplice and you must comply!

Some of my wonderful Kindness Sisters, Mamas and Daughters and our families and friends have decided to share it with you, because you’re really good at secret keeping, yes?! That’s why you are still reading, huh?! 🙂

On Sunday, September 28th we are doing a little not-so-random act of kindness at a private location somewhere in the Southeast United States. This is our kindness flash mob. (ooooh, I’ve always wanted to write those words!)

We will show up with as many balloons as can safely fit in our cars and stand around at –shhh our ultra secret location– and give out smiles and colorful balloons to unsuspecting strangers, aka new friends.

Yes. I’m stoked. My children are giggly with anticipation. And my friends and their friends and families are super excited too.

But SHHHHhhhhhh, remember this is our little secret.

Now before you remind me, please know I am aware that helium balloons can be particularly naughty to the environment. I thought long and hard about the possible implications. After weighing it all up it feels like the human JOY (good currency) generated by this act of kindness campaign will outweigh the possible naughty impact these balloons could have. My heart says that HAPPY people try really hard not to let go of the balloons, and instead take them home to be enjoyed and safely played with … reminded of the kindness of strangers. Perhaps these balloons will make them want to… ummmm, how do I say it … well…

PAY IT FORWARD?! YES? in another act of kindness…. maybe?

Our intention with letting YOU in on this secret is for you consider playing with us, wherever you are in our beautiful world…  get some helium balloons galore and give them out: Sunday, September 28th … let’s ROCK n ROLL!

You in? If so, leave a message in the comments below, and tell us where you are are what town/city/country you will be JOY stoking! Take photos and send them to me and I’ll share on here the my site. Can’t do it on the 28th? Do it another day, soon!

INSERT>>>>>>> >>>>>AMAZING PHOTO OF SHINING HAPPY PEOPLE WITH BALLOONS HERE!!!!!!!!!!!<<<<<<<<< (coming soon)

IN RALEIGH area??? contact me and let’s collaborate.

This is for kindness. This is for JOY! This is because we can.

for the JOY of it
becky jaine

coming November 1st  J O Y F U e L
44 days to stoke your JOY, creativity, self and otherly kindness

(sign up to receive invitation here )


3 thoughts on “random acts of balloons (shhhh this is a secret)

  1. I happen to know Sept. 28 is YOUR birthday, sistah! So as a gift to you (and me and everyone else who I come into contact with that day, I will participate in Hendersonville. I am hosting an Ageless Grace training that weekend, and we are offering training on Sunday afternoon on Ageless Grace for KIDZ, so I will hand out helium balloons there! And we will sing HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my sistah! xoxo

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