witness (a poem of reconcile)

witness beckyjaine 2015


a little boy–feeling alone–
surrounded by 24 kindermates coupled with their mothers, touching.
he buries his head beneath his own arms upon his school desk…

a mother overcome
–cancer and chemotherapy–
gasps, realizes
I was supposed to be….

a witness walks out of school,
releases pressure contained pain through eruption of tears,
–walks to her car–
carrying thoughts and heart for
a boy, a mother, the perhaps
future memories unmade…

p  a  i  n   i  n  t  e  r  r  u  p  t

a man–in center of his universe–in parking lot
proselytizing out loud–AND LOUD–bellowing,
championing to the trees and sky:
Science can explain it.
Science explains the cosmos, but God
God made it!
God is behind it all.
You see a shooting star streak across the sky
–Science tells us how–
but that is Jesus!
It is a miracle.
We are a miracle!

witness listens as she stumbles into car,
moving in slow motion, in awe of parking lot preacher.

shuts the door, she thinks,
we are darkness. we are light.
we are glory. we have power.
we are pain and we are bliss.
we are stars. we are god.
we can feel.

there is nothing to fix.
everything is as it is.

(shared here as a prayer for comfort and love, becky jaine)

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2 thoughts on “witness (a poem of reconcile)

  1. So beautiful and touching…. Thank you….

    On Mon, Aug 10, 2015 at 11:25 PM, “☼ becky jaine creativity + acts of

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