controlling democracy



Dear Ones,

Lately I’ve been thinking about Democracy… what does democracy mean to America collectively, but more specifically what democracy means to how I live day-to-day?
I believe in ‘personal democracy’. To me this means I try to live with an intention to reduce suffering of those around me somehow, to do things to promote equality, listening, and kindness– for humans and our beautiful planet.
I have so much I need to learn around these intentions, but thankfully I do not feel despair, trapped or limited by what will happen politically in our country in one month’s time. Choosing to live my own personal definition and values of democracy is liberating and is so much more significant to me than an election or politicians because “I” am the only person I have the ability to control or change. Ultimately I’ve got to do some hard stuff myself. I’m trying. I’m learning. I want things to change, but it’s got to start with me.

just thinking and sharing…. what do YOU think about personal democracy?

❤ becky


2 thoughts on “controlling democracy

  1. I never thought about your underlying themes of kindness, reducing suffering, and listening as “personal democracy” before . . . I thought of them as virtues and I try to practice them, but now that you’ve handed me this umbrella to think of them as related it may be easier for me to practice them in a more consistent manner.

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