don’t drink the water


dear ones,

With all the dualities that have surfaced the past few weeks, I’m reeling and feeling terribly sad and deflated, perhaps like you. I’m trying to make sense of this all, but I’m failing and hurting. Let’s give each other some love and a tender holding through the powers of technology, can we?!  ❤

A friend of mine is at the Sacred Stone Camp in North Dakota, where the Dakota Access Pipeline  is being built. He’s been there for months now, peacefully holding space with thousands of other brothers and sisters trying to protect the waterways between North Dakota and Illinois, to remind the government of our promise to the Lakota (a Native American word that means friend) people: that we would not desecrate their land again. Dakota Access Pipeline workers are striving to tear up the earth to install a four-state long gas pipeline, that will run through reservation land, and federal land that has been discovered to be sacred burial ground for Dakota, Nakota and Lakota people.

And yet in some bizarre twist the gas industry has called in police to silence and remove the peaceful protesters–including actress Shailene Woodley–so grateful to her because her celebrity has actually brought this situation to mainstream media and hence to more concerned citizens. Shouldn’t it be the Native American people call upon the Police to remove the business who should not be there tearing up the land???!!

Amy Goodman–my journalistic heroine–has now been arrested for covering the story in ND last month on her program Democracy Now (DirecTV station Link 375). You may have seen the atrocious video–viral on Facebook–where private guards unleashed dogs to attack the peaceful protestors, many of whom are Native American. Well, she too has been arrested, despite the first amendment right supposedly assuring freedom of press. Most other media outlets haven’t covered ANY of this story. I’m so grateful to Ms. Goodman and her team for their courageous coverage and encounters with the crazed guards, who manipulated and mistreated the dogs is such horrific and terrifying ways.

Dear God. Dear Readers… dear Humans! This is happening in America. These are nightmares in real life.

I’m saying prayers for Indigenous people who our government is failing to protect, and now violating, yet again. I’m praying for the peaceful water protectors. I’m saying prayers for the gasline workers. I am saying prayers for ALL our media. I am praying for us all. Dear God, please help us put people above profit. Please help us to find courage to make harder decisions that support human and planetary health and well being, to EVOLVE past bank accounts. Please help us humans to figure this out, peacefully, in our own country. Please. 😦  Please help us to end the suffering. Please help President Obama deliver an executive order to protect this land and the Native American peoples’ beliefs, to uphold promises that have been broken top many times, and have the gasline company leave Mother Earth alone and invest the money and workers they are spending on harming the earth and humans, instead towards bio-remediative solutions to oil.  Please God, help stop greed. Please save us from ourselves.

Dave Matthews Band performed at Sacred Stone Camp last week, including this song. Don’t drink the water.  The words are haunting. I cannot believe we are doing this again, not only to our Native American citizens, but also to ourselves.

Blood in the Water, by Dave Matthews
Come out come out
No use in hiding
Come now come now
Can you not see?
There’s no place here
What were you expecting
Not room for both
Just room for meSo you will lay your arms down
Yes I will call this homeAway away
You have been banished
Your land is gone
And given me

And here I will spread my wings
Yes I will call this home

What’s this you say?
You feel a right to remain?
Then stay and I will bury you

What’s that you say
Your father’s spirit still lives in this place
I will silence you

Here’s the hitch
Your horse is leaving
Don’t miss your boat
It’s leaving now

And as you go I will spread my wings
Yes I will call this home

I have no time to justify to you
Fool, you’re blind, move aside for me
All I can say to you my new neighbor
Is you must move on or I will bury you

Now as I rest my feet by this fire
Those hands once warmed here
I have retired them
I can breathe my own air
I can sleep more soundly
Upon these poor souls
I’ll build heaven and call it home
Cause you’re all dead now

I live with my justice
I live with my greedy need
I live with no mercy
I live with my frenzied feeding
I live with my hatred
I live with my jealousy
I live with the notion
That I don’t need anyone but me

Don’t drink the water
Don’t drink the water
There’s blood in the water
Don’t drink the water

Most often I write here in efforts to elevate my own consciousness, and align my intentions with my actions, and perhaps to offer to you–dear reader–something uplifting to read or think about. Tonight’s post is intended to help me more deeply activate the pain of knowing how profoundly unjust and wrong this is, and how this is not what America stands for. And perhaps to bring this inequitable unfolding situation to your attention. While I am choosing not to go out there and stand physically with my friends and other Water Protectors, perhaps my sharing here is a form of solidarity, to offer some meaning to you, and hold space and hope for loving and healing solutions that are overdue, and hopefully on their way.

Forgive us our greed, dear God. Forgive us our broken promises, dear Lakota, Nakota and Dakota Nations. Please help us humans. Dear beloved teacher and friend, Chief Billy Diamond, send in your angels, dear Brother.

my heart is trampled and lost and grateful in these words, and the idea that tonight like all nights before, I sleep in the safety of my home, with clean running water…

❤ becky

6 thoughts on “don’t drink the water

  1. You always write with such heart, even when the topic is a difficult one. May all beings be free of suffering, including the planet, its peoples and its land and waters.

  2. This issue has been on my radar as well, it seems so obvious but justice is slow, waking up the population is key.

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