more nothing maybe from covid-19

dear ones,

i’m having great difficulty alongside you (at the CDC-recommended potentially safe distance), about the condition of humanity right now. to honor and express my dismayhem, i’ve decided to be open about my internal struggles and more forthcoming with writings that have come to me… through me over the last few years; writings I am revisiting that seem relevant to the upsidedownness of our hurting world right now.

what i write may or may not be meaningful to you. follow or unfollow as your heart recommends. if you’d like to comment, i’d love to hear from you in the box below.

i hope my title is a welcome break in the chain of emails you have probably received about how the disruptor named covid-19 is interrupting your life previously in progress.

in 2014 i wrote this poem that felt more like a prayer than poem, called “more nothing”. it was featured as runner up in a published book of poetry for North Carolina poem of the year (putting my heart aflutter) but i never told you. i never wanted to appear “full of myself”. i’m done with no longer fully showing up.

here we are. it’s 2020: the world and I with new vision. i share this with great love–on purpose–for the love of us all.

♥ becky

photo Boulder Beach, Lake Mead National Monument, Boulder City, Nevada on the last day of Spring 2020 courtesy Gail Burkett, elder, mentor …. my friend


more nothing

the world needs

humans practicing
the loving art
of nothing.

sacrificing our human attention
gifting our presence as present
finding joy

(consciously in and out)
feeling hunger
embracing suffering
(and feeling deeply til its release)

sacred nothing.

let me completely open to nothing
nothing and its complex simplicity.

i shall look to the birds,
the rocks,
the water,
the petals … the trees,
to nature
and the wind
(where on earth doesn’t the wind blow?)

let me seek and find in stillness
through deep loving presence and listening

let me give over to wonder
–oh, the way the magnificent earth, she turns–

i start at me

one human in nothing
responding and giving my human power
–my gift to 7 billion humans–
my most loving healing gift to mother earth and all of her sacred residents

the gift of
my nothing.

from my heart to yours
♥ becky suzik ♥

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