radical love on my mind

What is on my mind? Radical Love. The kind that makes you cry. The kind that makes you feel like you must be crazy or legally insane for the things it leads you to do. Radical love… that mama papa bear love that is unconditional, that you don’t need to have children to understand… the kind that would make you run in the front of a truck to save someone, the kind of love that makes you feel so alive you could die.

Radical love doesn’t really make logical or mental sense, but is completely understood and relatable to the heart–it is heartsense and it is wise and intelligent and wicked good.

As I continue to make deep decisions and actions towards my sacred work, I find myself in new places and spaces. And yet my feet are firmly rooted beside my children and husband in Raleigh, upon the earthen Catawba dirt of my ancestors. My heart visits new friends in Kenya, Hawaii, Seattle, Portland, New Hampshire, Wisconsin, Australia, Virginia, Mexico, Tennessee, Florida, Argentina, Idaho, Whitbey Island… DAILY .. all because of this human-invented technology that we have not even begun to understand how might be used for love. (And because of radical love.)

Grateful to be so dramatically baffled. So committed to so many needed and necessary world-healing projects. And so wide awake that I cry and feel and love for strangers and friends I aspire to help even though many of us have never met “IRL” (in real life).

During these times of Karuna (Corona) I ask myself, what is real life anyway?

I pray we never go back to abnormal, per chance more of us awaken into actionable, feelable, livable, breathable, knowable doable radical love.

(Thanks for the Prompt Facebook: What’s on your mind?… What is on YOUR mind, dear ones? Do tell…

with all my love… the radical kind,

becky xo

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