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J O Y F U e L ~ a homestudy course created with heart and soul

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JOYFUeL is for individuals, couples and/or families to create, share ideas, learn about self and explore self love and JOY.
It’s 44 days to clean your life goggles,
nourish your spirit,
activate your creative heART,
generate more self & otherly kindness,
reboot your mental hard drive,
& stoke your SOUL with more J O Y !

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becky jaine

she wants you to know

beckyjaine she whispers 2014

I went to a special place–my yin mountain in North Carolina. She reminded me and asked me to remind you too:

you are loved. you are whole.

you are not broken. you are enough.

you are a MIRACLE.

yes. aho.

(don’t forget, beautiful soul. you you you are a miracle.)

sending my love and gratitude for your being here now,
and blessings of peace and love
    <3 _/|\_ <3
<3 becky jaine <3

p.s. my next adventure intends to contribute more JOY to our world through the forthcoming JOYFUEL homestudy e-course. registration is open, so please sign up. (we’ll begin december 1st, 2014, more details sent via email soon to those who are registered. this is my gift to you.)

the new story

newstory beckyjaine 2014

the new story
by becky jaine

i have made up my mind:
yes, i am going to be a part of the new story.
the new human story, the story that is necessary and redemptive and healing.


a story where human and world healing unfolds.

in the new story
i wake up and take complete control of my intentions, attention and actions.

(we are all
interrelated and interconnected,
entwined and entangled,
engaged and connected in the old story,
connected in possibility for our new story to emerge.)

in the new story
i still hurt for humans who are suffering and oppressed
and i feel for them while feeling and dealing with my own insecurities and hurts too.
i feel deeply while taking actions,
acting in my own community, doing something to reduce pain and activate greater human joy.

JOY is possible. JOY is probable. JOY will heal. JOY can activate.
human JOY is part of the new story.


in the new story
i contribute to the new world i can see and feel in my heart,
the new world that is possible for us.

(in the old story we haven’t yet realized we are one.
in the new story we live and own our oneness.)

in the new story i live in a world where humans give freely their gifts and talents.

humans feel awakened and empowered to be true to their hearts’ callings, desires, stirrings and ands,
to live in a world where i care more deeply about you and act as if we are all one…

because we are


<3 <3 <3

this poem is inspired by the work of charles eisenstein and david spangler.

random acts of balloons (shhhh this is a secret)

random acts balloons becky jaine 2014 jpgCan you keep a secret? Mmmm, NO??? Well, if you can’t, stop reading.

YES??? OK, then keep reading and know you are now officially dubbed an accomplice and you must comply!

Some of my wonderful Kindness Sisters, Mamas and Daughters and our families and friends have decided to share it with you, because you’re really good at secret keeping, yes?! That’s why you are still reading, huh?! :)

On Sunday, September 28th we are doing a little not-so-random act of kindness at a private location somewhere in the Southeast United States. This is our kindness flash mob. (ooooh, I’ve always wanted to write those words!)

We will show up with as many balloons as can safely fit in our cars and stand around at –shhh our ultra secret location– and give out smiles and colorful balloons to unsuspecting strangers, aka new friends.

Yes. I’m stoked. My children are giggly with anticipation. And my friends and their friends and families are super excited too.

But SHHHHhhhhhh, remember this is our little secret.

Now before you remind me, please know I am aware that helium balloons can be particularly naughty to the environment. I thought long and hard about the possible implications. After weighing it all up it feels like the human JOY (good currency) generated by this act of kindness campaign will outweigh the possible naughty impact these balloons could have. My heart says that HAPPY people try really hard not to let go of the balloons, and instead take them home to be enjoyed and safely played with … reminded of the kindness of strangers. Perhaps these balloons will make them want to… ummmm, how do I say it … well…

PAY IT FORWARD?! YES? in another act of kindness…. maybe?

Our intention with letting YOU in on this secret is for you consider playing with us, wherever you are in our beautiful world…  get some helium balloons galore and give them out: Sunday, September 28th … let’s ROCK n ROLL!

You in? If so, leave a message in the comments below, and tell us where you are are what town/city/country you will be JOY stoking! Take photos and send them to me and I’ll share on here the my site. Can’t do it on the 28th? Do it another day, soon!

INSERT>>>>>>> >>>>>AMAZING PHOTO OF SHINING HAPPY PEOPLE WITH BALLOONS HERE!!!!!!!!!!!<<<<<<<<< (coming soon)

IN RALEIGH area??? contact me and let’s collaborate.

This is for kindness. This is for JOY! This is because we can.

for the JOY of it
becky jaine

coming November 1st  J O Y F U e L
44 days to stoke your JOY, creativity, self and otherly kindness

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we are loved by angels


angels at work 2014 becky jaine

gratitude to TWO dear earth angels: to <3 Patricia <3 for opening the door for new wonderful blessings for me and so many others, and for reminding me that each of us is truly loved and supported by angels. And to <3 Naomi <3 for caring, listening, learning all she could to share some an important part of my journey through her beautiful word work.

let’s not forget to expect (and create) miracles here on earth. (we’ve got LOTS of help!)

ɛïɜ on angel wings ɛïɜ
becky jaine

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blessing scrolls (kindness tutorial and printable quotes)

This idea is inspired especially by the healing journeys of
my mother–Jane, my father–Paul,
my brother-in-love–Kevin, & my friends–Paula, Lee Anne,Stephanie, Larry & Cecilia.
It is dedicated to human courage and love;
to people seeking strength and healing;
and to YOU for the power you have to use your time and energy in acts of KINDNESS
and H

Every day–in a place probably not too far from where you are right now– people are struggling, fighting, hurting, hoping, praying. People in your community are getting news and taking medicine that is hard to handle … hard to take. They are needing to find–to make–the strength and courage they need to believe that healing is possible and that it will be coming their way, soon.

Some of these people are alone. Some may have a strong supportive group of friends and family around them. Regardless, ALL could benefit from knowing that a “stranger” cares about them, and is honoring them and their journeys through a simple act of kindness.

Consider making this KINDNESS project alone or with some of your friends and/or your family, and then sharing your creations with your area cancer treatment healing places, hospital waiting rooms, or anywhere you think some inspiration is needed. You are invited to leave a comment below sharing how and where you will be gifting your scrolls.

1. Here is a link to a very simple downloadable TUTORIAL (one page) to make and distribute Gems of Love: beautiful paper blessing scrolls, each containing a powerful quote or prayer intended to raises and celebrate the person who opens it. No art or craft experience is necessary … and kiddos enjoy this too! (Right click to download or click image to open PDF now.)

gems of love bowl web

2. And here is the link to a collection of beautiful QUOTES (10-page PDF) to use with the tutorial.(Right click to download or click image to open PDF now.)

gems of love scissors 2014 web

3. Leave blessing scrolls for a special gift of encouragement for a beautiful stranger. (I like to think that each message finds the person it is intended for.)

4. Leave a comment below and share how and where you will gift your scrolls.

LET”S use our power in KINDNESS!

to kindness
becky jaine

coming soon …  J O Y F U e L
44 days to stoke your JOY, creativity, self and otherly kindness

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we shall overcome (my prayer)


my prayer for all.

amen. awoman. it is so. aho.

(my deep gratitude to every soul at the UU PEACE Fellowship Raleigh for being a beautiful sacred place to sing and be truly heard again.)

becky jaine


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kindness rocks

kindness rocks 2014 becky jaine

these kindness rocks were painted and released to honor my dear and KIND friend Alissa and her BIG birthday year! You’ve heard of balloon releases … hey, why not celebrate YOUR b-day–or a friend’s–with a colorful rock release?

Kindness ROCKS! (and it DOES, doesn’t it?!)

becky jaine

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