my prayer for your joy

❤ (◠‿◠) ☼ a prayer for all 7 billion + humans, to elevate JOY, healing, self and otherly love, and peace on earth.

In the tradition of our Native American brothers and sisters, sage is burned to release blockades to  JOY, and sweetgrass to attract all that serves us.

To gift forward in the spirit of Joyfuel, consider how you can use your energy and your gifts/talents to bring about greater JOY and KINDNESS in the world. comment below and share.

my gratitude to Sirgun Kaur for her permission to include her song, Bliss (I am the Light of my Soul) with Sat Darshan Singh, featuring Yogi Bhajan’s mantra.

and I am grateful to YOU for witnessing this prayer.

❤ ☼ Joyfuel was offered in December 2014 to mid January 2015, as a homeplay ecourse –in gratitude for my life and the healing journey I’ve been on the past 8 years. If this work is meaningful, I aspire to find a publisher to advocate for–and activate–greater JOY in our world. ☼ ❤

♥ use and share this video however it honors love and joy ♥

to JOY!
with my love, becky jaine

Joyfuel is dedicated to YOU and the possibility of greater human joy, self and otherly love and healing.

aho mitakuye oyasin
we are ALL connected

WE are miracles
upon this abundant and
ever-changing Earth

YOU are a gift

our lives are precious

we deserve JOY

may we each become
guardians for our own
-and each other’s-

may we let go of fear
and move towards

may we reduce
suffering on earth

may we evolve to
and realign with
the Earth

…to live and let live

to give and receive

in harmony

we are ALL connected
aho mitakuye oyasin’

the road not taken

Dear Friends,
     I came across this surprising sign today while hiking at a state park. The message both bothered and simultaneously amused me. Made me think of the path I’m on… or lost within, and also about the park’s intentions to keep people on designated trails.
     It says, Oops, this is not a designated trail. If you follow it, you may get lost. Also, by deepening the trail, you might contribute to others behind you getting lost. Social Trails are “paths” worn by people walking to a popular destination where an official marked trail does not exist. Be aware that the paths are not marked and won’t be on a map. The paths may also follow a course that is either dangerous or damaging to the resources.
    The boot footprints make me especially giggle: “Be Aware … Don’t Get Lost”. Wish I had a similar pair but maybe mine would say “Be Aware … Happily Lost”–a courtesy to warn those traveling with me.
     Hmmmm. What do you think about social paths, roads less taken, and getting lost? You are welcome comment below and share.
The Road Not Taken
by Robert Frost
Two roads diverged in a yellow wood,
And sorry I could not travel both
And be one traveler, long I stood
And looked down one as far as I could
To where it bent in the undergrowth;
Then took the other, as just as fair,
And having perhaps the better claim,
Because it was grassy and wanted wear;
Though as for that the passing there
Had worn them really about the same,
And both that morning equally lay
In leaves no step had trodden black.
Oh, I kept the first for another day!
Yet knowing how way leads on to way,
I doubted if I should ever come back.
I shall be telling this with a sigh
Somewhere ages and ages hence:
Two roads diverged in a wood, and I—
I took the one less traveled by,
And that has made all the difference.

the joy factor

art warriors becky jaine

Five years ago I made a decision that radically changed my life fo-evah! I left my near 20-year career with the corporate world.

Being a diehard idealist, I questioned my involvement with for-profit focused corporations when most companies were remaining intensely prioritizing monetary profit above people and planet.

That year I gave birth to my third child, another new teacher … my Sonshine (pictured with my 2nd daughter/teacher above). I gifted myself an extended absence from my career which allowed space and time to fully experience each and every moment as it came to me without the pull of career responsibilities and to-do-lists.

This opening led me to reconsider every way I used my personal energy and to contemplate my life based using the joy factor.

Simply put, the joy factor is anything we do to INTENTIONALLY create joy or limit suffering in our lives or in the lives of those close to us.

I stopped long enough to witness the pure joy of humanity through my children’s human being-ness.

I ceased my self-created and self-imposed insanity of my too busy over-scheduled hectic demanding “perfect” life.

My purpose and intentions shifted and I lightened.

I gave up my fancy titles and my corporate income.

I assessed my vanity. I stopped wearing makeup and trendy dresses and suits. I bucked societal expectations and amazingly truly started enjoying life again, fully in the moment, with baby spit-up on my shirt, beds unmade, children laughing and covered in paint, and dirty dishes in the sink.

I really embraced my life and my power to choose how and where I spend my energy. I consciously committed to my own JOY.

I found new and unusual ways to love myself and started to celebrate my imperfections. I realized I was perfectly imperfect and hugged myself daily (and all my squishy parts too). I embraced the white hairs on my head and wrinkles on my face, and felt gratitude for them as sacred visual gifts reminding me of my time spent on earth.

I realized that if I can’t love and accept myself exactly as I am in my most natural state, then however did my children stand a chance to do the same for themselves? Especially amidst the media-created-mirage of “beauty”?!

I was terrified that I could somehow contribute to their marginalization.

I am my children’s first teacher and they may mirror me. I must become the change I wish to see in the world. My little cherubs’ inner beauty: their gorgeous bright spirits, their souls ah-blazing … I must contribute to the preservation of their true essence, by being real and flawed and true to my heart.

Young children shine a lovelight so bright, their joy is contagious.

Larger than my own energy and life, I could feel the possibility that my children do not have to disconnect from their source, their true nature. They do not have to become guarded, limited or apathetic. They can believe that being human means being true to themselves and embracing and celebrating their uniquities.

The joy factor created a startling personal revelation that beckoned me to change my course, to live with a renewed profound purpose; to love myself, love my children, to love all people on earth as the miraculous marvels we are… exactly as we are, perfectly imperfect.

Enough about me, what about YOU? How is YOUR joy? Have you ever reassessed and reactivated your daily energy to intensify your joy? Please comment below….

Ooooh, and please know you are invited to join me in an In Box adventure I’m calling JOYFUeL. Registration closes on 30th November. Inbox JOY sent beginning 1st December for 44 days. No requirements, no cost, just joy-infusions sent to you with lots of love.

<3 becky <3
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joy abounds

joyfuel are you registered

I smiled at my treasured friend–Wendy Cook–who captured this moment at the sacred kindness retreat last month. (I share with you with the hope that my JOY finds and lifts you.)
becky joy by wendy cook 2014

Adorned with the words JOY and LOVE that day, I was carrying intention and hopes for JOYFUeL; the homeplay program I’ve been dreaming up since summer.

For the past several months I’ve contemplated how to contribute to love and joy in the world using my own story, creations, and my imaginings. I have asked–and depend upon–the kindness and generosity of my friends … their talents and equipment and their help spreading the JOYFUeL.

JOYFUeL is what I’d do if I had a million dollars. I don’t yet … but I decided to stop using money as an excuse and use LOVE as currency to contribute to something I hope you will find beautiful, meaningful and JOYful.

Registration is open until November 30th. First installment to come December 1st. Joy will be delivered to in boxes around the world for 44 days. Want to join our adventure???? If so make sure to sign up and  hit “Submit” for joy at . (If not that’s ok too.)

JOY abounds!!!!

in the joyfuel locker room tonight

believe nature joyfuel 2014 2

dear mother father god,

let me use and give my life energy these next two months to heal and lift, nourish and love, honor and celebrate every being who joins this upcoming Inbox adventure called JOYFUeL. let words, stories, art, pictures, and moments be shared through me in a way that shines in love completely.

let me use my LIGHT to honor the splendor of life and the possibility for joy. let me honor my darkness in a way that allows me to be real, authentic and candid, and humorous would be good too.

help me let go of ego and of outcome. help me to know that whatever happens, i am giving love and love is what is needed most. help me to celebrate and marvel at how very vulnerable i feel.

show me the way to trust and let go. oh … and please please please help me lighten up.

let it be so. aho! amen. awomen. yes.

to human JOYFUeL!
<3 becky

JOYFUeL, let’s activate our joy superpowers

Dear Wonderful, Beautiful, Amazing and JOY-Deserving YOU,

I have a bit of an embarrassing confession … but I’m admitting this while simultaneously making a massive resolution, so love me anyway ;)

I have complained for years about how technology has “yet to be used for greater good.”  “The internet and social media are so consuming and superficial” I said (me all the while surfing, losing track of time on youtube, looking at cute kitty and doggy videos … click click clickety click. Woof. Like.)

I’ve written online about disconnecting from technology to be present with our kids, as presence is our greatest present to them. For 3 years I’ve offered personal reflections, poetry and muse, striving to create internet vitamin D for soul surfers here on this site.

I’ve used social media to help spread my thoughts and real-life offerings, but never dared to venture and create something interactive, collaborative and meaningful online. But  (yes, I’m using But as the first word in a sentence) I’m out of excuses. I’m breaking my patterns and some of my rules. I’m stepping forward and kicking it up a ME-sized notch and I’m hoping together we will co-create a meaningful experience online for JOY… with and FOR YOU! Technology for GOOD!

Since July, I’ve been daydreaming, creating and imagining …. a program to promote greater JOY for YOU … you who is reading this post. I’ve been designing a homestudy/homeplay course called JOYFUeL.

joyfuel dreaming july

JOYFUeL begins December 1st, 2014 and runs for 44 days through January 13th. So far it’s a few PDFs with self reflection prompts, a few videos with gentle creativity activities, and daily word art… some by me, and hopefully other contributions by other JOYFUeLers too.

JOYFUeL is a homestudy ecourse intended to activate greater JOY in our lives … to be done alone, with a friend or with children. We ALL need more joy, don’t you think?

Sign up is open now and will close November 30th. (No deadlines, except this one to register. No requirements, except an open heart and an email address.) Registration HERE.

Want to join me and co-create this wonder-filled JOYFUeL thingy? Oooooh, I soo hope so. (If not, that’s ok too.)

to JOY! (and to spreading LOVE and healing around the world)
<3 becky <3

P.S.  JOYFUeL is offered in the spirit of the gift economy. This is my gift to YOU, in gratitude for the amazing journey I have been given! You can read a bit more about this here.

P.P.S Public Facebook page here Thank you for sharing!

P.P.P.S Register here

sentient beeing (a photo, a poem, a moment)

beckyjaine buddha bee 2014 cc

sentient beeing
by becky jaine (witness, historian & histologist)

she was in my garden yesterday.
beauty bee.
i found her and realized she… she was barely moving at all.

bee present.
she remained upon the flower
clinging to the center of a magically scented and ever-sweet mandala.

she came and stayed, hanging onto otherly beauty and life
while she was losing her own.
bee sage.

pollen adorning her legs,
material proof of duty well done on her last day.

she strengthened her grip and grabbed hold of the floral stamen
enabling –allowing– me to witness and capture her few last living moments.

i wept (and still i weep now as i tell you)
i weep for her:
this unassuming humble non bumble
intentional pollinator sentient beeing.

blessed buddha bee.