thanks to mother earth

mother earth field thanks joyfuel

Thanks to Mother Earth
(a prayer of the Eastern Woodland Mohawks,
created by Joseph Bruchac)

Onen, we give thanks
to our mother, the Earth,
for she gives us all that we need for life.

She supports our feet
as we walk upon her.
She is there to catch us
if we should fall.

It has always been this way
since the beginning,
for she is our mother,
the one who cares for us.

So it is that we join
our minds together
to give greetings and thanks
to this Earth, our mother.

<3 Many blessings upon your time of gratitude.
I am grateful for Mother Earth, I am grateful for you.
with my love, becky <3

kindness is a fire

firework heart

kindness is a fire

kindness                               is a fire
a lovefire burning  rampant in my heart
alive burning glowing sparking radiating
–fueled by the dark cinders of my being–
seeking for ways to escape my body
to lovingly attach my fire to yours
to burn even brighter
even kinder

 <3 becky jaine

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joyfuel rising

rilke joyfuel

Dear Heart,

About a day until our LIVE adventure begins. JOYFUEL Rising!!!! Please check out our new site for JOY to see if my intentions speak and spark to you. It would be my blessing to share this journey with you and welcome you to the Joyfuel adventure.


JOYFUeL invites  you to consider a multitude of different things you can do to activate your JOY.

JOYFUeL is not a lecture series, nor does it profess all the answers.

JOYFUeL poses questions and ideas intended to help reveal habits, patterns or thoughts that leak the JOY from our daily experience.

JOYFUeL is for ADULTS to be enjoyed alone or shared with a friend.

JOYFUeL is for CHILDREN probably most engaging for kiddos ages 8 and up– to promote awareness of the power we all have to consciously choose activities that become part of our daily routines.

Read previous Joyfuelers’ experiences here.

Will you join me for the joy of it? Yes? Clicky here and let’s go on a JOY-fueled adventure together –from the convenience of our own homes :)

with <3 for your JOY!

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“I believe in the sun even when it’s not shining. I believe in love even when there’s no one there. I believe in God even when He is silent.”  ~ Inscription of Hope

Words originally found scratched into a cellar wall where Jewish people hid during World War II.

Words appearing on a handmade sign my nearly 13-year-old-daughter and I found at a garden shop in the North Carolina mountains this past weekend. (above photo.)

Words handwritten on a torn index card–a bookmark–my daughter had penned: lyrics to a song she loved and sang in chorus last year.

The bookmark marked my daughter’s page, about one third of the way through The Diary of Anne Frank. She rushed to me with the book clutched tightly to her chest and announced, “I am not going to read any more of this book, Mommy.”

I paused. I wondered why.

She said “It doesn’t feel right to read her words, to read her diary. Anne wrote that she didn’t even share her entries with her father. She said she didn’t want anyone to read it, so I’m not going to read it. I can’t.”

I listened to the unflinching conviction in her voice–my daughter, my teacher.

She and I have learned–and felt–a lot together about the Holocaust. We have talked about the suffering, the horrors, the senseless, the mercilessness. And we also have talked of the unrelenting strength and courage of the human spirit, and the power of the helpers who chose, to risk and do what they could to help.

In November of 2014 we visited the Virginia Holocaust Museum–a very unsettling school field trip that neither of us looked forward to. I thought about denying her this trip, but my gut told me that we had to go together.

It was very painful. There were parts I could not participate, like the small room simulating a concentration camp gas chamber where a tour guide led the parents, teachers and children together into an enclosed box-like-room, to talk about what happened to the people when the door closed.

Unfathomable. I couldn’t go in. I couldn’t do it. Instead I sat on a bench outside. I told my daughter she didn’t have to go in, but she said she was ok, and I let her go with her class, all the while doubting her “learning experience,” every second we were apart.

Parts of the Museum were so inspirational–a testament to humanity shining it’s greatest love, compassion and potential. The Museum overall is a space offering loving redemption triumphing over the hatred that was. It was powerful and unforgettable, and I don’t regret going for a second.

After the field trip we both talked about whether it was necessary to re-enact a gas chamber, wondering what good could come from such pantomime–using space and presence now to recreate and imagine the way so many humans died. Perhaps it was necessary for people today, perhaps it was important or somehow profound to re-enact. She and I didn’t know, but it felt extremely jarring and perverse–as most things about the Holocaust do.

Months later, we remembered that pretend room, that was the real ending to millions of people’s lives. It stayed with us.

And now, today, nearly a year after our museum visit, about Anne’s diary my daughter continued, “It doesn’t seem right that a book company took her words–her diary–and turned them into a book. I mean, I understand her story is important, but Anne wouldn’t have shared it that way. If she had lived maybe she would have told her story in a different way, re-written it, but she wouldn’t have shared it the way it is printed now, and it feels wrong to me for me to be reading it.”

I sat down. My heart was pounding in my ears, my eyes were filled with tears. I told her that it was her choice to read the book or not and that perhaps there was no right or wrong about the reading of the book, even though that was what Anne explicitly written.

We continued a thoughtful conversation about how Anne’s words have helped to activate greater empathy and compassion in people who may have otherwise not had such depth of heart. Perhaps her diary has shaped a generation that may never allow such horrors to repeat again in our lifetime, at least in our part of the planet.

We contemplated: Perhaps Anne would be pleased …. grateful for the extension of her life through the legacy of her words, words continuing to inspire and expand compassion, and empathy. Perhaps. Perhaps not.

I wondered if Anne’s diary offers a necessary lesson for people who do not have a depth of empathy, compassion and awareness that she–my daughter–has.

We hugged each other. And then I told my beauty-full–heart-full girl, that I never finished Anne’s diary, either.

[My daughter gave permission to share our conversation here. She and I welcome your thoughts about Anne, her diary, our collective reading of it, and the importance of this book–Anne’s story–to you and the world. If you’d like to share, please do comment below.]

with love from my heart (still in my throat),
<3 becky <3

p.s. Joyfuel rises October 9th, 2015.

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joy for all and all for joy

<3 Dear Soul Shiners <3 ,

Last year I dedicated a ton of my life, time, energy, love and passion (not bragging but sharing my reality–twas like 1000 hours) to create a homeplay adventure infused with art, photography, videos, audios & workbooks. It is called JOYFUeL.

Ya’ll just about blew my MIND with your joining, sharing and supporting this adventure, an experience intending to greater activate our JOY. I was so moved by our experience that afterwards it felt good and maybe somehow important, that I offer it again: This time round much better organized and with mucho more JOY!

I’m honored, blessed and superDEEEEEEEduper excited to announce the JOYFUEL web site. Tahhhh DAHHHHHH!  You are invited to check out the site and join with me again in this adventure into our JOY. We will begin on October 9th and go for 44 days … all for JOY and JOY for ALL! I promise it will offer new goodies like interviews, videos and other surprises, all intended to support you on your journey to be a better guardian of your own JOY. And the good news is that it’s NOT big holiday season, so hopefully those of you who weren’t able to spend as much time as you may have wanted to, will be able to go CRAZY JOYFUL this time and play, going deeper into exploration of your JOY health.

joy afoot joyfuel 2015

Please join me in raising our vibrations, and in activation of our JOY together. (Oooooooh and if you have kiddos, it’s great to do with your children, as they need support as they navigate this way noisy world, that often muddles and depresses our joy.)

with my <3 for your JOY,
<3 becky jaine <3

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