bluebirds at new year’s

A long time ago I learned that if I placed a piece of wheatgrass on my door on New Year’s Day and a bluebird visited, happiness and blessings would be secured for the household throughout the year. I have no idea where this lovely idea comes from –and google didn’t help– but since hearing this idea I have had a deep affinity and love for bluebirds.

Wherever they fly, happiness indeed abides.

As we begin 2013, in the spirit of the bluebirds of happiness I offer YOU a special blessing through a flock painted by my daughter and I; little gemstones that we are releasing out to our world in ♥ metta ♥.

I wish you
peace of mind
and truth in heart
that comes from believing
you already have
you truly need.


in love, in peace,
♥ becky jaine ♥
happy new year

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