pennies from heaven (storytime)


♪♫ every time it rains it rains pennies from heaven ♫♪

I fully trust and believe I have exactly what I need in every moment. I haven’t always remembered this but something magical happened that reminded me.

Years ago I was pregnant. My husband and I were going through some tough money challenges. Although my heart ached and longed for the pregnancy, it was unexpected and caused us overwhelming anxiety. We already had two young daughters and the idea of twins was fraught with money worries, panic and stress.

That Sunday–after this big news–I decided to take my daughters to church for the first time.

When I was a little girl I went to church religiously–for the music, to commune with others, and to learn about goodness of people and of God. I wanted to offer this experience to my girls, so off we went to our first Sunday Service at a local church.

We sat amidst the congregation, listening, singing new-to-us-songs, drinking in all the ceremonial goodness. Everything was beautiful until I saw the offering plate: my heart sank. I felt overwhelming sadness and shame for the fact that I didn’t have even a penny to offer.

I cringed. We shouldn’t have been there. How could I have brought my daughters to church without considering the offering plate?

Quiet tears rolled down my cheeks as we sang the Lord’s Prayer.  I knew my position was not a sin or a crime, so the guilt lightened as I tried to forgive myself our financial predicament, both of that moment and in our home.

At the end of the service, my daughters and I held hands and got up to leave. A man I’d never met before greeted my children. He appeared to be a homeless: his clothes were very worn, dirty, and he smelled rather unpleasant. He seemed to slur his speech, perhaps a speech impediment or residual effects from alcohol drank the night before. Despite his appearance I wasn’t put off by his presence, nor his eagerness to talk with my girls. I smiled directly at him, looking deeply into his eyes. I recounted something my father told a homeless man years ago.

A man had asked Dad for some money so he reached in his pocket and gave him a pocketful of change. The man told Dad, “You sure are lucky! I wish I had the father you did!” to which my Dad responded, “You do!”

I smiled at the unkempt man before my children. He said, “Girls, you sure are pretty! I want you to have something, but I’ll give it to your mama as she’ll know what to do with it.”

The man grinned as he handed me a one dollar bill. My jaw dropped. How was it possible that a man –perhaps poorer than I–was giving me what was probably his last dollar? My children and I were dressed in our best, clean clothes, so our face value did not beg for such kindness or donation, yet here he was somehow addressing my private concern.

This was truly magical. My need for any amount of money to contribute to the donation plate was so great, the burden almost too much for me to bear, and yet, here was this kind and generous man with monetary needs far greater than my own, standing before us, giving us the thing I felt we needed most in that moment.

I accepted the dollar, which felt like a million. I thanked him as tears again streamed down my face.

As we walked out of the church I was greeted by the church’s pastor. I shared my experience with him and he too was astounded and touched, and I then gave him the miraculous donation.

Magic and miracles are constantly happening–all the time all around us.

Life energy is incessantly offering us exactly what we need in each and every moment. We have to open our hearts and drop any preconceived judgments or notions of the moment to witness and to receive abundant gifts that serve us. By being fully present and open we shall receive all we need … and more.

♥ _/\_ beckyjaine _/\_ ♥

6 thoughts on “pennies from heaven (storytime)

  1. I think about my friend on cold nights, like we had on Monday. (Why I edited and posted this experience with you.) Yesterday I went on a quest to gift an extra sleeping bag to a needy soul, and I found a man with a sign “Homeless, need help”. He was so thankful, he made me feel a little less guilty for my life’s mind-blowing abundance … for about all of 2 minutes. My feelings made me question: which is the stronger feeling: do we give to serve and please others, or do we give to ingratiate ourselves?

    Hmmm, no matter the answer: the point is to give whatever we can, to help reduce others’ suffering.

    I think I think too much. heehee

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