a new-to-me musical artist- Ellis Royalty to Me

I ♥ discovering new artists and especially musicians who write and perform their own work. I heard Ellis tonight on the radio and was literally brought to boo-hoo-hoo sobs of loving tears, as her words spoke to me and my love for Jane, my beloved Mother.

Ellis wrote this song for her Granny, and created this video using photos her friends and fans submitted. Thanks you beautiful Ellis for writing and sharing this song.  You thoroughly captured the essence of total love and adoration and gratitude I have for my own mother.

I love you, Mum. (grab some tissues): “I am who I am because I was (and still am) loved by a Queen.” ~Ellis (parenthesis mine).

In Ellis’ words This is for every one who has ever loved a child.

You are Royalty To Me
For Granny
How do you write a song for a queen?
How do you find the words or the melody?
Imagine a honky tonk humming a symphony
Or a pedal steel playing a Beethoven suite
How do you write a song for a queen?
When I was a kid, you’d sit on your throne
We’d fly down the highway
In your Lincoln Continental
You saw the good in me, you said I was bright
I felt like the sun seeing myself in your eyes
You’ll never know just what your love means
Did you know you’re royalty to me?
Growing up in Texas in that small town
No, I didn’t fit in so I kept my head down
I would run home from school
To play cards with you again
We would laugh and cry while talking
You’ll never know just what your love means
You are royalty to me
Now you wear a crown of silver
In place of your gold
And time has taken almost everyone you know
If you ever doubt you made a difference for me
I am who I am because I was loved by a queen
You will always be royalty to me
© 2010 Ellis

Ellis offers a free song download on her site and you can purchase Royalty to Me through PayPal for a $1.24. Consider supporting this beautiful artist.

love ♥ love
becky jaine

P.S. If you feel moved to share, post who is Royal to you in comment field below.

7 thoughts on “a new-to-me musical artist- Ellis Royalty to Me

  1. What a surprise and how lovely of you to dedicate this to your old Mum and one day your little ones will say the same things about you, if not already! I love you, my beautiful daughter, Mum xxx000xx

  2. I am so glad you posted these lyrics. I just heard the song on my long trek into Detroit today to begin the process of funeral for my aunt. She was indeed royalty to me. I cried on the highwayhearing these beautiful words, and again in my hotel room here reading them on your blog. I will use these words to pay tribute to her over the next few days. Thanks so much for posting them.

    1. Dear Jennifer, Thank you for sharing about your Aunt. I hope your memories and love comfort you during this time. Wishing you love, blessings and kindness as you travel.

  3. Thanks for posting this. It touched me deeply when I heard the song on prairie home companion. That’s why I looked up the lyrics and found this blog. I appreciate you typing out the lyrics. Do you think this would be at all appropriate to play for my mother, at my wedding reception? Would that be weird? Thoughts/opinions? 🙂 All honesty appreciated.

    1. Hi J, It’s a lovely idea and I’m sure would be very moving for your Mother. Brides can dance with their Mothers on their wedding day. Wishing you love and blessings for your upcoming wedding and marriage.

  4. Glorious and moving Becky. Thanks for sharing this with us. I dedicate this to my beloved mother and grandmother. And to you — the most loving, caring mother and friend I know.

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