what’s your wheel?

One of the greatest gifts I receive from writing, sharing and baring my soul here is making new friends.

Last year I met a new friend, Nick Kane in California. He is a street clown/performer (among many other creative ad-ventures) who contacted me to know more about the giant bubble wands me and my children make. I found out he was a starving artist and decided to send him a giant bubble wand pro Bozo (puns intended).

Well, embarrassed to share this, but time passed. Life happened: a lot of good things, some not so good things–yes LIFE in its realness, but constantly in the back of my mind was my unfulfilled promise to Nick and the giant bubblewands.

At long last the girls and I made some bubblewands and this week I reconnected with Nick and found out he was in new need for some wands. He had accidentally lost (uh-hem donated) the set he had acquired to a preschool he was performing at, so my timing was actually really good. (Woo, this made me much better about my delay.)

I’m sharing this story for a few reasons:

One is because I believe we should always follow through with promises, even if they feel delinquent or embarrassing.  Better late than never, and–thankfully in Nick’s case– my follow through was excellent.

Two is to share a bit more of Nick Kane.

I watched this brilliant 5-minute film about Nick and his “wiki fun wheel”– a larger than life ride-able wheel that he plays with on Venice Beach. In the video, Nick shares his aspiration for more people around the country get their own wheels and explore and enjoy themselves.

Check out Nick and his wheel in action

As Nick spoke about his wheel and his hope for more people to get a “wheel” I couldn’t help but sense a profound metaphor: Nick’s wheel is giving to others and making them smile; changing people’s states and lifting them, picquing their curiosity and their perpetual inner child. Nick seems to do this naturally and his “wheel” is just another vehicle to be himself. Running a wheel is Nick’s way of life.

I’m working on finding MY wheel. I have so many things that I love and enjoy (and perhaps even a few things I am good at) but I am not sure how to leverage my passions to make a living yet. I trust that my life will continue to unfold and that gorgeous opportunities will rise and surprise me … realize me living from my heart and bringing others joy and reducing suffering, like my friend Nick Kane. Instead of setting a goal for myself and tackling it and making it happen, I’ve decided I’m going to allow my next thing to find me … to unfold and call upon my soul.

In a hilarious video (below) we see Nick living yet another persona as the Craigslist Ninja for Hire.

For a while, Nick lived from his car. “I don’t make a lot of money for being a ninja for hire,” says Nick, “but to me my priorities are in a different place. For me I’ve gotta do whatever it takes to keep creating…. I’m choosing to spend 7-hours a day creating art. Because of that, I feel like my life is a fun ride.”

Nick makes me wonder, what would happen if we all found our “wheels”, the thing that lights us up, brings us joy, and lifts and lights others? What would happen if we each found our wheel and lived with purpose, with joy, courage, authenticity, creativity and audacity, and lived our lives trusting that life will unfold fruitfully? What if we lived without fear… without a focus on seeming lack and instead lived through a heart-centered belief in the abundance that truly exists on earth?

Wohoa!!! That’s a tall order, but I’m trying. Let’s all try, shall we? I can totally imagine a world where everyone is riding their wheels, where everyone– as Joseph Campbell suggests– follows their bliss. I want to live on Earth when this happens, don’t you?! There’s no time like the present! Let’s do it!

Nick Kane IS! Good for you, Nick Kane! Thanks for being so courageous and joyful, a professional clown, professional wiki-fun-wheeler, artist, ninja for hire–being YOU! Your bubble wands will be in the mail tomorrow, I PROMISE!

love and blessings as the wheel turns
♥becky jaine♥

3 thoughts on “what’s your wheel?

  1. Becky….I always feel that you draw to yourself and your special children what is kindness-in-action and ‘treasures to be discovered!’ I believe the four of you can fly! Creativity is part of your DNA, as is the full and honest sharing of love. I think we need a couple of wheels at UUPF. When can we start? Love, Joan

  2. love your perception …is the glass half full?…you see the illusion of reverse images, magnification, a prism of color , the potential for inciting wonder and laughter { with a squirt of soap and your majik wand } no question. you and nick deserve to be friends. you have made my heart leap, from 1,000’s of miles away. thank you , LOVE

  3. Becky,   I LOOOOOOVEEEE this so much! Thank you so much for writing this brilliant piece. I was so filled up by your writing and by Nick. It was amazing. I want to hang out with him with you, or go on a date with him! 🙂   Such joy, freedom, imagination, bliss!   I love this sooooooo much and will send it on to a few others who I know will appreciate it..

    I want to see him use your wands. You would be peas in a pod doing that with him. Thank you so much for this, Love, Eliza

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