happy ray #6, passionately blissful

When was the last time you felt total unrestricted BLISS? I heard this video on RadioLab this weekend and was so compelled by the audio, I HAD to see the man behind the bliss. He had been on travelling across Antarctica for 3 months and was digging for his final stash of necessities, buried at the beginning of his polar adventure. (You needn’t understand his beautiful language: bliss is like love, it shines across language barriers.)

Depression is not only demonstrated by apathy and sadness but also a deficit of expressing joy. Modern culture is totally joy deprived and bliss starved. Despite the vast array of opportunities for joy presented daily to us, more often than not we don’t “go there.” Perhaps we worry about what others might think. Perhaps we have forgotten how to experience bliss. Or perhaps we are locked into a normal routine.

If you don’t play or attend team sports, chances are you aren’t regularly jumping up and down for total bliss and joy and triumph when you have something wonderful happen in your life (or do you?). I need to work on this myself. I have much to be grateful AND much to jump for joy about.

Here’s my challenge to you, a bliss-infused dare: I double-dog-dare you to think like a 3-year-old. Next time you give yourself some ice cream, or open the cookie jar to indulge in a cookie, or are about to reunite with a friend or partner after being a part, DO the BLISS DANCE. Jump for joy! Allow yourself to feel totally alive and full and energized by the moment, a moment that may otherwise just slip by as less than remarkable.

Indulge. Allow yourself to feel really good. Feel the blissful life energy flowing in you. Do the happy BLISS dance and allow gratitude and bliss to flood your thoughts, your heart, your body, your total awareness, your complete being. You’ll be amazed by how good you feel AFTER this experience.

Oh, and while we are blissing out, watch and listen to this stunning and blissful song sung by Sirgun Kaur and Sat Darshan Singh. (I just found her tonight and her voice and light took my breath away …. bliss bliss bliss.)

I am the Light of my Soul lyrics

I am the light of my soul.

I am beautiful.

I am bountiful.

I am bliss.

I am. I am.

I am. I am.

love and bliss
♥ becky ♥

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